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    Did any Explorers, Jr's, Cadets start out in something other then Bunker pants & coats, boats, helmets and gloves, Nomex hoods?

    We started out with coats, 3/4 length boots, gloves, and helmets.

    Did you start out as one type of Minor Fire Fighter, and then move to another?

    We were Jr. Fire Fighter's first, then we became Explorers.

    Were you issued pagers
    (I am not looking for a fight, nor am I asking for the opinions of others on this. It is merely a question for my own mindsake. If you disagree with what someone says, don't start it here. I would like to see a broad response, without having my post shut down because someone started a fight)

    No, we are not. But two or our 3 of our 6 Explorers have aquired them somehow on their one. Like I for instance was given one by my Uncle, who had an extra one that he had purchased. So he gave it to me.

    What tool do you prefer overall? If you had to face an onslaught of Fire Events, calls, etc.. And you could only bring along one (1) tool. What would it be?

    Hallagen, or TNT.

    That's all I can think of for now, I will create a new post if I can think of any, but I doubt it.

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    Multiple Answers



    Yes. Almost 3 months after joining.

    I am not quite sure at the time.
    Cadet Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief 31
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      no, except we dont have hoods

      no, always have been Jrs

      yes, received a minitor II 3 months after joining department (had an instalert before joining)

      prefer the window punch and the irons
      Firefighter, Volunteering since Oct 2001

      CCFA 05-04, best overall class for 2005
      "GOOD GAME!"


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        4 months after getting in (had to take some tests)

        pick head axe


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          Got a Minitor 2

          Multipurpose axe

          I.A.C.O.J. Probie

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            always was a jr.

            got a minitor III upon recieving gear, which was like 2 weeks after joining mostly because chief was on vacation.

            i cant think of my favorite tool havent got much experience with them. i am usually a on the nozzel of either a 1 3/4 for exterior op's or initial attack (knocking down fire so teams can enter with another hose) or a trash line for grass fires.
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              Started out with a dept shirt, had to buy rest of uni, currenty being lent Bunker pants and jacket, "borrowed" boots "whose ARE they????" given suspenders, hood and gloves, still waitin on a helmet..........

              Started as a wanna-be for a vollie dept, then directed to the paid, since then always been a explorer, no in charge of training other FF-Es

              Bought a scanner, or borrow a radio when at station

              If a fire Id want pickhead axe maiied to a baby halligan
              AJ, MICP, FireMedic
              Member, IACOJ.
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