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    Hey, i was just wondering, ive seen other districts in other cities number their trucks way diffrent then ours. We are in St. Louis County, and are pretty small. We hae about 10 districts under one dispatch, each with a 2 diget number, ours is 33 this is the first 2 of 4 numbers on all our trucks. then the 3rd number is the house number, and finnally the 4th number detonates what kind of truck it is. i only know a coulpe of these(and i could be wrong). 0 and 4 are pumpers, 5 are ladders, 3 is tanker, 7 is ambulance 6 is rescue and 9 is misc(brush, foam and our gator). so 3315 would be metro west, house one, ladder truck. If your district is diffrent pleaseenlighten me, because id like to know!
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    Here are ours is in Clermont County

    10's- engines
    20's- aireals
    30's- tankers
    40's- Rescues
    50's- Brush
    60's- Staff
    91,92- Ambulance
    96- first responder

    Also on the onles with "0"'s note that there are no trucks with the numbers 10,20,30,40,50,60, they all start out with a "1" then if there is more it will go to a "2" then up the line.

    When they tone us out this is how it goes

    1 William 91-- Squad being toned out

    **Note when they call out Fire Department they dont say the truck numbers they just say 10.

    1 William 10-- Fire Department

    the "1" states the station

    William is our call sign

    And the last 2 digits are the unit responding.

    Hope this helps

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      Look in the other forum area for a post on wacky numbering systems.
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        Camden County Numbering System

        first 1 or 2 digits = district #
        Example: District 19 has unit number of 19--

        next digit = station #
        Example: District 8 Station 2 has unit number of 82-

        last digit = engine #
        Example: District 60 Station 2 Engine 1 has unit number 6021

        last digit denotes unit class:
        +Station number plus zero (0) indicates Officer in Charge
        + Station number plus one, two or three (1,2,3) indicates Engine, Tanker, Squirt,
        Foam Unit
        +Station number plus four (4) indicates Ladder, Tower Ladder, Snorkel
        +Station number plus five (5) indicates Power Wagon or Rescue
        +Station number plus six or seven (6,7) indicates Utility, Hose Wagon, Cascade,
        Light Wagon, Haz-Mat Unit, Ambulance
        +Station number plus eight or nine (8,9) indicates ambulance or miscellaneous
        (Chief’s Car, Vans)
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          Our numbering system goes like this:

          Our Dept. Number first; then depending on what it is:

          10's: Engines
          30's: Tanker
          50's: Rescue
          60's: Utility and Brush
          70's: Ambulance

          So our engines would be 51-12.. and etc. etc.


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            Our apparatus is designated by the type of apparatus it happens to be followed by a number from 1-9. Since we don't have more than 9 engines or 9 trucks, this works quite nicely for us. When dispatching, however, we're designated by the number 4 placed in front of the apparatus number. ie: engine 2 is written on the side of the apparatus, but when speaking on the radio, it becomes engine 42. This is merely to distinguish our department from the other 4 in town. So, the engine 2 from each department would wind up as engines 12, 22, 32, 42, and 52. The truck from each department would end up as trucks 11, 21, 31, 41, and 51 (though not every district has a truck by the number 1). There is no specific number for different kinds of apparatus, hence we have both an engine 1 and a truck 1.

            We are all seperate and independent departments, but we often work together on mutual aid, since we always share whenever we get a big fire or accident.


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              Ours here in Cattaraugus County are pretty easy...

              Engines: 1-3
              Mini Pumpers: 4
              Tankers: 5
              Aerials: 6
              Rescues: 7
              Miscellaneous: 9-10

              I am sure you want to know what happens if you have more than one ambulance? Or tanker? or Mini pumper? Thats simple too... we start using the alphabet such as:

              Ambulances: 8, 8a
              Tankers: 5, 5a
              Mini Pumpers: 4, 4a
              rescues 7, 7a
              Aerials: 6, 6a

              And you just keep on going if need be. Its pretty simple really. And then to identify yourself on the radio to KDp-395 (county dispatch) you just put your name in front of it. Like we currently have:

              randolph 1, Randolph 2 (engines)
              randolph 4 (mini pumper)
              Randolph 5 (tanker)
              randolph 6 (snorkel)
              Randolph 7 (rescue)
              Randolph 8 (bus)

              Its more simple than all the county station numbering and all that crap. Pretty much we use the "stupid hick #'ing system". lol
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                No offense

                This is crazier than a soup sandwich.
                The numbers on the trucks not the thread.
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                  Hi Metro West person, I was on an EMT class ride along with 3347.

                  Anyway, here is a link for how most of St. Louis County FDs number the units:

                  Basic info of St. Louis County departments below. The link is a bit old because the webmaster got promoted and can't update the site much but it does have some pictures and district info:

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                    Well out here the numbering system is very well done
                    One city has one set of number and the very next city is the following set
                    For example Burbank is Station 11's-16 neighboring Glendale is 21-29

                    Monrovia Engine's are 101 and 102
                    Any Engine in this region that has a 7 (Exp E702) in front of it's number is a reserve unit in service
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                      it all stinks to be you guys I am from chester county PA and we still use plain speak .. but with some modifictions

                      an engine goes by your station number plus what engine it is 1-4...engines 5 and 6 can also roll as a tanker truck

                      Towers/ladders/tacs/brush.field and rescues are just called by there name and station number

                      a BLS ambulance is called an Ambulance
                      and ALS are called Medics

                      Mobile Intensive Care Units are also in our dispach roster also...any questions just ask.
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                        our numering is as follows:
                        1st out pumperf76 (of= ohio fire)
                        2nd out pumperf72
                        3rd out pumperf71
                        equipment truckf75
                        brush truckf74
                        tankerf73 i think 2nd out pumper might be 73 instead of 72 i dont remember.
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                          Sorry, now I have it outta my system,
                          In Brevard County, Florida, there is county (even first # eg 20, 40, 60, 80) and city would be odd (eg 10, 30 50, 70, 90) Call sign would be equal to station # like " Station 71 respond rescue to ......................" answer: "copy engine and squad 71 responding" In case of multiple of same appratus you would have engine 271. Appratus is as follows for those who dont know

                          Engine- Pumper
                          Truck- Ariel
                          Brush-Deuce and a half w/ tank and pump
                          District- Deputy Cheif( personal and vehical call sign)
                          Rescue- ALCS ambulance ( all municipal ambulances in Brevard Cnty are county owned and operated and are manned by Fire-Medics, also operate within city limits of city fire rescue control)
                          Squad- ACLS equipped first in heavy duty box pick up w/ roll up doors
                          Heavy Rescue- Tech. and special Rescue team and gear
                          Crash- Airport Crash Rescue truck
                          Utility- Mostly Vol FF manned, carries 2-6 personall, gear, and is either pickup or old ambulance
                          Tanker- tanker
                          Marine-FD operated and owned boat or jetski(s)

                          Boy, isnt that easy?!?!
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                            In Gloucester County, NJ it goes like this:

                            District Number, ex. 18
                            Station Number, ex. 1
                            Piece Number, ex. 1
                            When you put it together and you get 18-11
                            The last numbers are supposed to follow these guidelines, but some companies decide to do it their own way.
                            3:Engine or Tanker
                            6:Aerial piece

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                              In New Castle County, Delaware it goes like this

                              First number: is the station that the piece is assigned to.

                              Second number is one of the following
                              0 -Field Piece
                              1-5 - Engines (1-2 are hose, 3-4 are attack and 5 is water --see bottom)
                              6- Engine/Rescues
                              7- Quints
                              a Ladder is called a Ladder
                              a Rescue is called a Rescue
                              a tanker is a called a Tanker
                              Ambulances go like this first one out of a station is A and the second B.

                              So at my station (which is station 3) we have E3-5, R-3, Q3-7 and B-3

                              I'm all that sure about the Engines numbers but i know to have 5 you have to have atleast 1000 gallons. I know that for 1 and 2 are for Hose (has to have so much hose) and so forth.

                              Hope this helps.


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