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    I'm from alabama and at our volunteer fire department you cant become a FF until your 18. I'm 15 and i go to all of or most of the meetings that they have every Monday night. They let me help with everything. Should i keep going or what? We dont have any programs such as explorers or jr. ff. Let me know what you think?

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    well, i would keep on going. It shows the current members that your interested in the department. That way, when you turn 18, it may be easier to get into the department and the members will know you by that time. You may learn something when your up at the station for the meetings. You say your fifteen, so that means atleast 2 more years of going up to the station for meetings. You could learn alot in 2 years.

    My Final Verdict: Keep on going.
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      I would say stay with it, definitly. What you are doing while there sounds pretty much the same as what I do at my station, even though I am a junior... The difference is we go on calls....only to stand around... you aren't missing much, and like mdodd said, you can learn a lot in two years...ive learned a lot in only 5 months! Keeping with it will earn their respect because you aren't even a part of it, yet you come down and would help them with anything.
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        stay with it how mdoddsjffhnfc and firebabe988 have said to. ive been in explorer for 2 years now ive learned alot about fire fighting. so stay with it!


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          Thanks Everyone....


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            Stick with it, I am 16 at a volunteer Fire Dept. and the only thing diff. from you is we actually have an Explorer Post. Stick with it. You will earn the respect of the firefighters, and gain practical knowledge that will most definetly aid you in your ventures later on in life. You could always set up Jr Fire Fighter post, or an Explorer one. It doesnt matter really. Just stick in there, its a good idea to.


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              If they have no problem with it and welcome you, stay with it. My entire family has been involved in my local FD and I hung out around my firehouse since I was probably 10 years old. Those 8+ years of what I call orientation proved to work very well. By the time I was 18 and able to join, I knew pretty much everything about our department... what was in the trucks, how the radio system worked, how we respond to calls, etc. Basically I already knew everything that would take a fresh member months or even years to learn. I would advise you to continue to stay with that department and learn as much as you can. In the end you will become a "regular" in no time.


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                We have a meeting tonight @ 6 CST. I'll let ya'll know how it goes or whatever.


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                  why wouldnt you keep going?

                  but anyways... my 2 cents... or 1/2 cent(i dont have much to spare) keeeeeeeeppppppppp goooooooooiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg!!!!!!
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                    Stick with it. You may want to even try to get the department to have junior members or get an explorer post started.
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                      Just think of what you might miss if you quit going. Stay with it. Learn what you can. Be a part of the team!
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                        Don't blame the FD

                        It is your decision as to whether or not you keep hanging out at the FD, but don't push them on the membership issue. Alabama law is very specific when it comes to minimum age for a firefighter, you've got to be 18. Any department that uses underaged personnel is asking for a ton of trouble.
                        Explorer or junior programs are OK but in small departments, the temptation is strong to skirt the rules when you're short people. I know this didn't directly answer your question, but I hope it helps in your decision. Hanging out at the station and helping out is a great way to learn the ropes while you're waiting out birthdays. If the department doesn't mind, stick with it and you'll be a leg up when you can sign on.

                        If you're interested, here's the law:

                        Section 25-8-43

                        Prohibited occupations and places for persons under 18 years of age.
                        (a) No person under 18 years of age shall be employed or permitted or suffered to work at any of the following occupations, positions, or places:

                        (1) In or about or in connection with any mine, coke breaker, coke oven, or quarry in any capacity.

                        (2) In wrecking, demolition, and shipbreaking.

                        (3) In any tunnel or excavation with a depth of four feet or more.

                        (4) In any roofing, scaffolding, or sandblasting operations.

                        (5) Operating or driving any truck or heavy equipment over three tons gross weight.

                        (6) In logging or around any sawmill, lath mill, shingle, or cooperage-stock mill.

                        (7) Operating any power-driven woodworking, bakery, or paper-products machinery.

                        (8) Upon any steam, electric, diesel, hydraulic, or other railroad.

                        (9) As firefighters.

                        (10) Operating any stamping machines used in sheet metal or tin ware, or in paper or leather manufacturing, or washer or nut factories.

                        (11) In or around any steam boiler or rolling mill machinery.

                        (12) Operating any power-driven metal forming, cutting, straightening, drawing, punching, or shearing machines.

                        (13) Operating or assisting in operating any elevators, open-freight elevators, cranes, derricks, or other power-driven hoisting apparatus, with the exception of an unattended automatic passenger elevator.

                        (14) Operating any paper cutting, stapling, corrugating, or punching machines.

                        (15) Assembling, adjusting, cleaning, oiling, or servicing machinery in motion.

                        (16) Operating any circular saws, band saws, or guillotine shears.

                        (17) In or around any distillery where alcoholic beverages are manufactured, bottled, wrapped, or packed.

                        (18) In the manufacture, storage, or transportation of explosive components.

                        (19) In the manufacturing of brick, tile, or similar products.

                        (20) In the manufacture or transportation of dangerous or toxic chemicals or compounds.

                        (21) In, about, or in connection with, poisonous dyes, dangerous or poisonous gases, compositions of lye in dangerous quantities, dangerous or poisonous acids, or pesticides.

                        (22) In any activity involving exposure to radioactive substances or ionizing radiation.

                        (23) Around asbestos or any other cancer-causing agents.

                        (24) Operating or assisting in operating any job, cylinder, or offset printing presses.

                        (25) In any activity involving slaughtering, butchering, and meat cutting.

                        (26) In any place or occupation which the department may declare dangerous to life or limb or injurious to the health or morals of persons under 18 years of age.

                        (b) This section shall not apply to persons 16 or 17 years of age enrolled in work-study, student-learner, cooperative education or similar programs in which the employment is an integral part of the course of study and is registered by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training of the United States Department of Labor or to employment procured and supervised through the Alabama Department of Education and approved by the Alabama Department of Labor.


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                          I dont think any of that up there applies to me in any way. I read it and thanks for the extra information.


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