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    Why must almost every single post in this forum turn into an argument-most of the time about a certain stupid mistake-? It is over with, he realized he made a mistake... everyone makes a mistake at sometime! If you look at the other threads on the regular forums- not the junior/explorer section- there is definitly not this arguing all of the time. Half the time I hate reading these posts.. it is always the same thing! I don't know about all of you guys, but hearing all of this arguing makes me realize WHY the senior firefighters usually do not like us anymore... They would rather not have us around because the standard is that we are not mature enough to deal with other people on the job... this just proves it. I'm not trying to sound like a stuffy adult, especially since I'm NOT one, but this whole thing is getting entirely OLD! Give it a rest... seriously. If we want to be taken seriously in our departments, show it here.. it is good practice, and you will earn more respect.
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    Like I said for Captain Gonzo's last inspiring words...



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      I must say that i'm also getting tired of all this arguing on our forum. This isn't some of the stuff i expected to read on here when i came on Firehouse May 2002.

      So, how bout we put all this arguing behind us and get back to the way it should be. We the juniors ask questions or maybe bring up scenarios and the senior guys answer them and help us.
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        Chew on this.

        A wise Captain down the road from me posted this once upon a time on another site-----it is on the cover sheet of the Mass. Deputy
        Fire Chiefs exam-----

        To the Kid on the End of the Bench

        Champions once sat where you're sitting, kid.

        The Football Hall of Fame (and every other Hall of Fame) is filled with names of people who sat, week after week, without getting a spot of mud on their well laundered uniforms.

        Generals, senators, surgeons, prize winning novelists, professors and business executives started on the end of a bench, too.

        Don't sit and study your shoe tops. Keep your eye on the game. Watch for defensive lapses. Look for offensive opportunities.

        If you don't think you're in a great spot, wait until you see how many would like to take it away from you at the next spring practice.

        What you do from the bench this season could put you on the field next season as a player or back in the grandstand as a spectator.
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          Well I am glad to see that we have some Jr's that are trying to be professional. As a "Senior" FF I watch these forums pretty close and that all I see is arguing. And I see the black cloud looming on the future of my great profession. It is very refreshing to see some Jr's trying to stand up and change what occurs on these forums.

          And firebabe988 when you call me Senior, I think you ar talking about my old man who wears the White hat.
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            Re: People! Please!

            Originally posted by firebabe988
            Why must almost every single post in this forum turn into an argument-most of the time about a certain stupid mistake-? It is over with, he realized he made a mistake... everyone makes a mistake at sometime!
            Yes....everyone makes mistakes. Some people admit it, learn from it...and move on.

            Those who can not admit their mistakes will never learn from them...and never earn the respect they seek.

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              I too was once a junior and remember what it was like being a new member. There was so much excitement, learning the tricks of the trade, meeting new people, but most importantly becoming part of one of the most important services in town. I have watched these forums for almost 3 years, without saying anything. It was not untill recently that I began to speak up, standing up for the juniors.

              Over the years I have seen simple questions about pagers, lights, and apparatus turn into heated debates, when all the member wanted was a simple response to their question. Members should not be jumping on members because they asked if their pagers could be brought to school! Maybe their school and their department allow that? These forums are an awesome place to get feedback from other departments and a great source of ideas for your own. Every person who posts here should remember that every fire deparmtent is different and should respect that. Every department has its own SOPs/SOGs regarding lights, response, pagers, gear, politics, station policies, etc. I hope that this forum can finally switch gears after 3 years and really focus on helping each other learn about the fire service and how different departments work. There is no reasons to fight over helmets! MY GOD! Let it go! If thats the way a department works than so be it. Most members here are just starting out in the fire service, so why not let this place be open to learning and question asking?


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                  As I sit here surfing through the fourms right now I wonder what on earth has happend to these forums? , I remember when I first joined here my how things have changed since then,

                  What has happend and when did things start to go sour?
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                    i was thinking the same thing yesterday e-101. there are way too many threads closed and/or abandoned on here for (insert stupid reason here), and few or no recent threads dealing with some useful conversation. the days where people like spiper and chief reason were willing to help and teach are long gone thanks to the endless light threads, among other things. and while i'm not bashing the starter of this thread, nothing's getting solved by us just sitting here complaining about it. we need to bring back the old days of posts where maybe people can learn something.


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                      I agree with getalife...


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                        The beauty of Firehouse is the infinite wealth of knowledge & experience from which we all can draw. I love nothing more than offering words when someone asks a question, and questions or concerns I have get the wisdom of Hager, IAMedic, ABMedic, and the whole family of firefighters and/or EMT's. I try to offer as much impartial, constructive input without belittling or insulting, and I've been fortunate to get mostly the same in return. It's tough seeing strong characters get blasted on here for being aggressive or innovative. I agree that less bickering could happen. We're all very different, and we supplement each others' knowledge. That's how we learn, making mistakes or asking questions. So to all of you here making the effort to extinguish nastygrams, I commend you! Thanks for the thread!
                        Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
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