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What do you carry on/in your turnout gear/bunker gear?

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  • What do you carry on/in your turnout gear/bunker gear?

    I was wondering what you guy/ladies carry in/on your turnout gear? I was wondering becasue I my self consider myself a "pack rat." Some people love having all the right tools in the gear and some people don't even want to have pockets. What do you prefer and what tools to you carry?
    My self this is all what I have:
    2 lights on each side
    2 Wooden wedges for a door stop and sprikler cut off
    1 google
    1 4 inch face sheild
    2 Accountability Tags
    1 Flashing light (LED)
    1 Folded Confederate Flag (Inside the helmet)

    1 Orange cloves for clean up
    1 pair of socks
    2 Pair of rubber gloves (Inside)
    (I will be puting the gold ball in the outside pocket, that is a good idea)

    20 Feet of rope
    1 Pair of stuctural firefighting gloves
    1 pair of extrication gloves
    (Buying an extra spanner wrench, window punch, selt belt cutter, and also purchasing 20 feet of webbing)
    1 pair of knee pads, I use them for classes that I take (I want to be protected, so I can use what I learn in class)
    1 dollars with of dimes for snack machine

    Also I have a no-mex and boots (nothing is on them but I am ordering the red, white, and blue no-mex and leather boots

    You can never go wrong with to many tools, better safe than sorry!
    What do you use?
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  • #2
    I have one accountability tag, one flashlight and my nomex hood on my helmet. I carry EMS scissors, glove, and a blue stobe light I use during traffic control ops in my jacket. In my pants I have my fire gloves, extrication gloves, Res-Q-Wrench, spanner, and more EMS gloves.

    For those of us who do fire and ems, you can never have too much gloves on you!!


    • #3
      Picture: me, my grandfather, and my dad

      Notebook & Pen
      Medical Gloves (9-10 UNUSED pairs!)
      Safety Glasses
      Fire-Fighting Gloves
      Small Caribiners
      Golf Ball (dont know why dont wanna know why, always been there prob always will)
      2 Flashlights
      1 Strobe Light

      20 ft rope
      20 ft webbing
      2 large locking caribiners
      1 Nomex Hood
      and 1 Large diet coke (ohh crap thats from my McDonalds order)

      dat be all i can think of now.
      Nate Breton, Vice President
      Post 333 Salem Fire Rescue

      "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to work with fear."


      • #4
        YOu guys all carry a lot. I like to keep myself "light" . I carry a collapsable spanner wrench in my coat, 1 nomex hood and gloves when they are not on my hands. And I hate the pants with pockets so we don't even want to go there. Thats all I have, nice and simple.
        Firefighter/EMT Mitch Cowen
        Hose Co. 1 1st Lieutenant
        Randolph Fire Co. Inc


        • #5
          I don`t carry that much, just the basics.

          Helmet-Since I have a Metro right now, I can only get a flashlight in there properly, when the shields for my new helmet come in, and I get that I`ll have a chock up there too.

          Coat-Fire Gloves, Medical Gloves, Cleanup Gloves, Hood, Rope, and 1 chock

          I don`t have any pockets in my pants, but that`s about all I really need anyways.


          • #6
            What ever you carry stay streamlined!

            SFDexplorer- some FFs carry the golf ball as an easy way to take out an elevated window from the floor.

            As for myself-
            coat- (in pockets) nomex hood, folding spanner,window punch.
            (inside liner pocket) ems field guide,fire field guide, pen, nitrile exam gloves.

            pants- gloves(one in each side), 1 pair nitrile exam gloves. and on the waist adjustment straps i have a Gerber Cameleon II knife in a sheath.

            Thats it nothing on my leather!
            Member IACOJ & IACOJ EMS Bureau
            New England FOOL
            "LEATHER FOREVER"
            As always these are strictly my own opinions and views


            • #7
              Ahhh, I remember reading about the golf ball deal, yes thats right. But what if for the odd chance you hit a FF inside? And dont golf balls explode under extreme heat?
              Nate Breton, Vice President
              Post 333 Salem Fire Rescue

              "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to work with fear."


              • #8
                Well, I dont carry a whole lot.
                Coat-my FireFighting Gloves, spanner wrench, and a hood. I dont really have the need anything esle. But, i like some of things you other guys carry.
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                • #9
                  Hmmm, lets see.
                  My coat only has an inside pocket and a radio pocket, so all I have there is my survivor light, and in the pants I have some rope, my hood, one of those combination super spanner-pry bar-***** punch things, shove knife, small rubber chock, a larger wood chock, and my gloves. Oh, and a UK flashlight on my lid.


                  • #10
                    Dont worry SFDexplorer for one if you hit another FF they probably will be to busy to feel it or you just say something fell on them as for it exploding I wouldnt worry if it does pop it will only leave some powder and plastic in ur pocket, but from what people have said it can be very useful. so u might want to keep it in your gear, but thats up to you. And if you do put a few golf tees in ur gear or on ur helmet, besides the fact that they work great on plugging fuel lines and tank ruptures, and if your asked about them, just say you never know when you could get a chance for a game.
                    Member IACOJ & IACOJ EMS Bureau
                    New England FOOL
                    "LEATHER FOREVER"
                    As always these are strictly my own opinions and views


                    • #11
                      golf tees

                      I've heard you and alot of other members talk about golf tees to plug up fuel lines, how is this done?



                      • #12
                        i keep it simple. in my coat pockets i have: a folding spanner wrench, spring loaded center punch, rubber gloves, and a CPR mask. in my pants pocket i have a paper cup folded up.


                        • #13
                          LoL sham, yea on top of the golf balls and golf shirts i heard golf tees worked good for small line leaks now all you'd bee missing at a fire is some golf clubs and your ready for a quick 9 after a fire
                          Nate Breton, Vice President
                          Post 333 Salem Fire Rescue

                          "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to work with fear."


                          • #14
                            Now you see the light! as for plugging fuel lines anywhere theres a break just jam it in, a lil duck tape around the end also helps.
                            Member IACOJ & IACOJ EMS Bureau
                            New England FOOL
                            "LEATHER FOREVER"
                            As always these are strictly my own opinions and views


                            • #15
                              I carry in and on my turnout coat are my first line FD gloves, my acountablity tag, in my pocket is a door jam, and in my pants pocket r my back-up set of gloves for clean up.
                              Thomas J.
                              Protection Eng Co Explorer Post #6

                              Stay Safe and Never Forget Your Fallen Brothers and Sisters.


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