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Newspaper editorial- disgrace to IAFF

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  • Newspaper editorial- disgrace to IAFF

    This letter to the editor appeared on 12/15/2006 titled "Short-sighted residents fail to donate to fire companies" in the News Journal, a newspaper for the Delaware area. I think our brotherhood should enlighten this gentleman and the general public of this area on what the IAFF is about. We currently have an IAFF local within the county volunteer system of New Castle County. To my knowledge, IAFF local 4417 represents over 20+ career firefighters working in the combination type system. Please take a few blood pressure pills before clicking on the link. FYI...Don't forget to send a reply to the editorial page!!

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    Doesn't seem that bad. I agree that the guy is ignorant, but I don't see a need to get all hot under the collar about it. That's just me though.
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      That seemed pretty mild to me. I have read far worse BS in the paper.

      I do have a question though. IF the citizens fail to support the fundraising efforts of the volunteer fire company what makes anyone believe that they would support the tax increase needed to support a fully paid fire department? Being a tightward doesn't only extend to donations it extends hard and deep into paying taxes and particularly tax increases.

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        It seems the intent of the letter is the lack of support for donating to the volunteers.

        The only part that should stike a nerve was the "sitting around waiting" line.

        Sure you can get warmed up over the generous benefits, well paid comments too, but its really not worth the rise in blood pressure due to the intent of the letter.

        And like it or not, adding paid members increases the cost to the taxpayers.

        You also speak of enlighting them to what the IAFF is about... well isnt part of what if IAFF is about pay and benefits for their members?

        We all see letter the editors the stike a nerve and in most cases it is a case of someone who is uninformed or has a axe to grind.

        Sometimes its not worth putting your dog in that fight.....
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          Here's a little insight to the post. In New Castle County, Delaware there are 21 Volunteer Fire Companies. On average each of those companies with the exception of maybe 3 or 4 have between 2 and 6 Career Members on duty for ambulance responses. - The Career Personnel also double as Firefighters as well as apparatus operators at most of the companies. Some companies utilize their career staff as EMTs only and forbid them to ride the apparatus and fight fire.

          As a former Fulltime employee with one of those companies I can tell you that we don't just sit around and wait. Our pay {at least mine anyway} was fair compared to the county average {about $14.00 - $15.00 an hour} I had great benifits and a decent 401k. Plus all the perks of a regular member of the organization. Systymatically speaking I had it pretty damb good. -- I've moved on as most of the County Career People normally do for various reasons - Mine being an oppurtunity I couldn't turn down -

          There's alot of misconception in New Castle County with regards to the Career Firefighter/EMT system. Our saleries come mainly from Ambulance Billing Services, County Funds, and yes some donations but very few. The Claymont system is the same as most --- The author of the article ought' to see the Claymont President if he's that concerned. The president has offered many occasions to meet with residents concerning the way they operate their system


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            While I am sitting around waiting for a run I ask...

            Why would Harry Kenton of WILIMINGTON Delaware (where I believe they are paid and unionized) care if the volunteer departments were raising enough funds?
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              Another misconception.....People say they live in Wilmington when in reality they do not. - It's a postal thing. There are no towns in New Castle County with the exception of The City of Wilmington, The City of Newport, The Town of Elsmere, and there are a few down in the southern end of the county that have basic governments.

              Where I Worked was only located 2 1/2 Miles outside the City Limit but the postal address listed us as Wilmington even though we had no ties to the city except to provide an engine or an ambulance now and again for multi-alarm fires.


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