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    I am planing on being a (paid) FF/Medic in the future. I am still in high school, and plan on attending a 4 year school. I am also considering an RN. I would plan on starting the RN 'path' after a few years into school, as it will also take up a few years beyond the origional 4.

    First off, would there be a particular order in which I take the two degrees (like RN first, then Medic (or visa versa)? Or is it possible to do both, at the same time, and remain SANE?

    If I end up having both "certifications" (medic & RN), how would my career/future prospects look like (roughly)? Would the RN help with the highering process? And not to sound greedy, but what it also increase the benifits and/or salary?


    (p.s.: sorry if this is the wrong location for the post, or too much to answer)

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    Hi Mike!
    Good luck on all your future schooling.
    My opinion is that RN & Medic are two different fields in the same family.
    Put an RN on the street or a Medic in an emerg. room. I think they will both be a bit lost.
    I think just being a Paramedic will help you in the hiring process, more than being EMT.
    More pay for being RN ? Doubtful - VERY Doubtful....
    Just my 2 cents kiddo..

    Stay Safe !

    Tommy J.


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      I can't really comment on the schooling aspect, per se.. but I'm sure that other members can help with that.

      As for your job outlook... I'm not too sure how the RN will help you in terms of "getting hired." However, it will be a HUGE plus when you want to get a second job, possibly get burnt out (or hurt) and can no longer work as a FF, etc. etc.

      Having your RN and having Paramedic experience would help you find a job on a Flight Team or in an ER. I know several FFs that work in these two "fields" as a "side-job" in addition to their full-time Firefighting position. The RN is where the money is, the Firefighting is where their passion is! From what I understand about the two, a lot of the RN and Medic stuff overlap, BUUUUT there are still several things that an RN learns in school that a Medic does not learn, and vice versa.

      If I were in your shoes (which I'm not... we don't have Fire/Medics), I would also consider getting both my RN and Medic certs. At least that way I can work at a decent paying side job and still use some of my Medic skills.

      Good luck!
      Do it because you love it, not because you love being seen doing it.


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        I wish I would have known this is what I wanted to do when I was your age. Anyway, I would recommend you go through with the Fire/medic side first. Most departments are looking for medics not RN's. Then once you get hired on the department may help pay for schooling for you to get your RN. I actually plan on going to RN school once I get hired on. I want something on the side and to fall back on if something were to happen and I get hurt, Plus I love the medical side of the job! I wouldn't recommend going to both at once, paramedic is a very fast-paced tough course to get through, but you can do it. Good luck


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