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Vacation scheduling policy

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  • jsdobson
    My department has three shifts with about 100 personnel on duty each day. Several years ago, the various ranks were divided up into groups. The groups have at least 3 personnel in them and as many as six. Each of these groups rotates in the annual leave selection. The personnel within each group also rotate.

    How the members of the department were divided into the groups is still a mystery to me. At the present, when a member retires, the person promoted into that position now acquires the vacated leave selection position.

    2003 2004 2005

    K B G
    L C E
    J A F

    A F J
    B G K
    C E L

    E L A
    F J B
    G K C

    We are guaranteed 6 continous shifts and may take a maximum of 9 shifts. First pick of leave is up to 9 shifts. If you do not take the full 9 shifts, second pick is available after all first pick is selected. Second pick is selected in reverse order of first pick.

    This process is not as simple as seniority or first come - first served but it does allow us to have choice summer leave every few years.

    In the above example, my selection is the L slot. For 2003, I had second pick. If I remain at my present rank, I'll have first pick in 2006.
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  • ullrichk
    I worked at a department where vacation was scheduled quarterly by shift.

    Before the beginning of each quarter, each member picked one "slot" in order of seniority - each "slot" could be any number of shifts (from one to all you had), but there could be no breaks between shifts off. After a pass through the roster, the each member could put in for another "slot", again in order of seniority, until everyone had submitted for all the time they wanted. (We were allowed to carry over vacation from year to year.)

    After everyone had their desired "slots" picked, the calendar was declared open on a first-come first-served basis (subject, of course, to minimum staffing).

    This worked well for us because the senior man always got his first choice, but the junior members got more than just "leftovers."

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  • marcelstl
    we have some 800 members and we do it pretty much the same, we're picking right now for the year 2003, goes by senority, vacations first-then 3 rounds of 4 to pick holidays and off days.
    works great , in a couple weeks i'll know every day i'm scheduled to work till 12-31-03. unless your low on the pole and you get stuck with whats left

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  • PuffyNPFD
    We select our vacations according to shift. We gather in Dec. and select the tours we want to take. We are allowed to have 3 personnel out at a time and only 2 weeks consecutive for each person. And if you take vacation from June to August, any holiday weekend you aren't allowed to cancel it, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years included.
    If you don't take any tours, you can "bank" them and use them throughout the year whenever you want, provided there is no one out.

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  • eng23ine
    We all sit down in december and schedule our "primary vacation". It has to be 2-5 shifts. this is done on time served, which means if a 20 year capt. and a 17 year batt. chief want the same day, the capt would get it since he has more time in the dept. After primary vacations are posted, the rest of the year is on a first come first served basis regardless of rank or time served. We can only schedule our vac. time in 12 or 24 hour blocks. The dept has 3 stations with 17 per shift. min. staffing of 13 per shift. We work the 24/48 schedule with a 24 hour kelly day every ninth shift (28 days).

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  • kfd26710
    I am with a department about the same size as yours. With a roster of 100. We work a 3 day with 4 off week.
    At the beginning of the year, vacation and holidays are scheduled by senority. You can schedule one week of vacation at a time, then it goes down to the next person, and so on. After vacations comes holiday time. This is done the same way, you can schedule 24 hours at a time either taking a 24 hour shift, or you can take 12 one day,(either day or night, whatever you want) then schedule another 12. Then it goes to the next guy, and so on. This is done all the way up to July. In July, the second part of the years vacation and holidays start start again just like before. This seems to work well.Hope this helps.

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  • Captain Gonzo
    We post our vacation times on a first come, first serve basis. name goes on the vacation calendar with the date it was posted. Someone posting a day can be bumped by a firefighter with higher seniority within seven days. After seven days, the date (or dates) is/are locked in.

    We can take vacation days a half tour at a time. This is great if you have to attend a school function for your kids, their sports games, etc.

    We can take as many tours of vacation in a row as we want, as long as we are within the number of tours alloted by virtue of one's time on the job. For example, I have 21 years on, I get 20 tours of duty as vacation per year (we work 10's and 14's with 4 days off).

    We are allowed to have a maximum of 6 firefighters and 2 officers out on vacation or personal days at a time.
    Last edited by CaptainGonzo; 10-04-2002, 07:19 AM.

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  • Smoke286
    We have a little over 200 people on 4 24 hour shifts. Our Dept shedules 4- 3 week holiday periods starting in June and ending in Sept a fifth during the Xmas season, all vaction goes by seniority once you choose your holiday slot, all remaining slots go by a first come first serve basis. It works out fairly well.
    Last edited by Smoke286; 10-03-2002, 03:21 PM.

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  • fireman077
    We pick ours by seniority. Minimum pick is 72 continuous hours and max pick is 156 continuous hours for the first choice. You are allowed to make second choices for more time off, but second choice picks are not granted until all members are scheduled for their first picks. We allow 5 - 24 hour slots per battalion off per day.

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  • Fyreman131
    started a topic Vacation scheduling policy

    Vacation scheduling policy

    My department has set up a committee to look into the scheduling of vacation time. Currently, it is all scheduled at one time by seniority. We are looking into possibly scheduling 1/2 the days at one time and then the other 1/2 after the entire department has had a chance to schedule some time. We have approximately 105 FF's, 33 or so per shift. The dept. only allows 4 FF's off per shift. It will be about 10 years before any significant retirements and we are not hiring very many either. We are trying to find out how other departments handle this issue.


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