Good afternoon,

My department runs 26 rigs a day with various staffing levels covering approximately 750 sq. miles. Over the years we've had a continuous issue with how we should handle our overtime in a fair and effective manner. We currently use "PlanIt" for scheduling and when a position needs filling, personnel can view the active staffing levels and are also notified via email and text messages of open positions. They can then instantly sign up for the position and be approved. If no one signs up and positions can't be shifted, a mandatory overtime list is pulled from, which includes several personnel from each rank on a rotating schedule. This is all managed by each shifts Battalion Chiefs.

Our next move is converting to crewsense to aid with normal staffing along with special ops assignments. I've spoken to a few other departments that use a lottery type system along with others who use a running list of personnel that have signed up as available on specific days, but it requires someone making individual contact with each person until someone takes it which is time consuming when you have multiple call outs the night before shift.

My question for the masses is how other departments who cover multiple stations over a significant coverage area manage the system? I've spoken to several departments but due to there smaller scale don't have as big of an issue getting shifts covered. Any ideas or current procedures you have been using that your willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time