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How do I report my FD for knowingly using severely out of date medical supplies?

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  • How do I report my FD for knowingly using severely out of date medical supplies?

    I have constantly brought it up to my Admin that our medical supplies are years out of date but they ignore me and find it acceptable to use on front line apparatus. We do not have ambulances and are strictly EMT level. I cannot allow them to continue this course of action but do not know who to report it to and get some sort of investigation or inspection at a state level in Kansas.
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    Like what sort of supplies specifically are you referring to? Does your admin. provide reasoning for not buying new stuff? Is there a formal grievance procedure or an internal government process that extends beyond the fire administration, (like a city manager) before you call the expiration police?

    Going outside the department with issues can have an untoward effect on your employment...especially is you have not exhausted internal resources first.


    • #3
      Do you have a medical director/ doctor in charge of the medics??

      if so have you had a discussion with that person ??

      The other is if the state has control over the medics, have a discussion, before going to far.


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        Since it appears you are running as basic EMTs, one question is whether you are authorized any advanced meds (epi, narcan, etc). If those are out of date, your department could get in some real trouble.

        If you're talking disposables, it's more a matter of whether they are still fit to use. If packages are intact, it's not really a problem. A 4x4 is a 4x4.

        If you're talking durable stuff, like an AED, the hardware and software may not comply with current protocols. If they can't be updated, they should be replaced.

        Things like splints, cuffs, etc should reflect your current protocols as well, but if they do, age is not an issue unless they are unfit to use.

        Does your state EMS agency (or whichever agency provides oversight for organizations like yours) have a standard equipment list (NY does for ambulances)? Are there statewide or regional BLS protocols? Is your materiel inventory capable of supporting those protocols?

        Perhaps the biggest question is whether this out-of-date materiel inhibits your department's ability to provide care. That's probably where you should make your case.

        Does your department do CQI? Reviews of calls should bring out problems with treatment with the out-of-date materiel, if your EMTs are documenting it.
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          Most states have an agency that oversees EMS. Our state had program reps would just drop by and inspect ambulance, fire or first response, all of which had to be licensed. We got popped a couple times for crap like expired Ky jelly in the intubation kits.


          • #6
            My concern is if that expired garbage has to be used on one of your own. Totally unacceptable on every level. I'm assuming there is no union on your department , so you may have to go (as previously said) to the state agency that licenses the department .Could a member of your department live with themselves if a patient (citizen or coworker) was severly injured or died as a result of this gear? Good luck. You are not a rat if you are doing the right thing for the right reasons.


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