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Private EMS taking over 911

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    Originally posted by drparasite View Post
    so they are on the ambulance or the engine? If they are on the ambulance, and transport to the hospital, than I agree, they are EMS professionals. If they are on the engine, they are firefighter first responders aka fire professionals.So you admit that the fire department is only involved in EMS because it increases their staffing and budget by 75%. thank you for admitting that, many aren't willing to do that
    We run all the transport ALS ambulances, and all of our engines and heavy rescues are ALS capable.
    "So you admit that the fire department is only involved in EMS because it increases their staffing and budget by 75%"

    I'm not "admitting" anything of the sort. We started our first emergency squad (emergency first aid) back in the '30's, and were the FIRST dept. to have a mobile cardiac care unit, and the third FD to have a paramedic program. It has NOTHING to do with increasing the budget, and everything to do with adapting to the demand for service.

    I agree that 80% of your runs are EMS runs; imagine your response when you are unavailable to be first due to a working fire because you are on an EMS run. I imagine you would be very vocal and the first to call the papers when you were unable to handle that house fire with kids trapped because you were on an EMS call waiting for the ambulance to show up. Imagine if you had a dedicated EMS system that was given enough resources to handle the call volume in a rapid manner, so your call volume went from 80% EMS run and 20% fire runs to 80% fire run and 20% EMS run?

    We have multiple agencies that we run automatic aid with, not to mention we always send a heavily loaded assignment on any reported structure fire. Your assertion that running EMS is somehow always going to delay response is nonsense. Do you have any idea of how many stations they'd close if we were strictly fire only?? It would increase response time even more. VERY FEW of the 20% of non-EMS runs are actual fires, so the "kids trapped in a fire" scenario is extremely rare. There are NUMEROUS reasons why companies may not be available for their first in runs, fire alarms, vehicle maintenance, training, etc. To blame EMS is laughable.

    And lets say you have a 4 person ambulance crew, and 2 hop off to take the ambulance to an EMS call... now they transport to a hospital out of town, so your engine has to run short. Makes it tough. OR you can have 2 dedicated firefighters assigned to the ambulance (which many would gladly give up), now you are paying those firefighters extra do to ems, as well as requiring all these firefighter training which they won't be using because their primary responsibility is EMS.

    We run 3 on the engine minimum during the day, 4 at night. 2 on the medic, which also carries turnouts and SCBA. We don't "go out of town" to go to the hospital, we have 4 level 1 trauma centers, 2 level 2's, and 5 other hospitals and numerous other freestanding ER's.
    Are you afraid that you can't handle both Fire and EMS training??? And yes I DO get extra for doing EMS, why shouldn't I??? It's an EXTRA responsibility.

    Has your fire risk gone down? why are you going to lose any staffing or budget? if anything, you will no longer have to compensate for those fire units being unavailable for fire calls because they are tied up on EMS calls.
    I don't know what any of that means, but I'm pretty sure if has nothing to do with the topic at hand.... and it's quite insulting to professional EMS providers to say they can't do anything well unless they are firefighters too....
    Of course our fire risk has gone down. New laws, more inspections, and fire prevention is responsible for that, not sitting in the firehouse waiting for a call.
    NOBODY said anything about insulting professional EMS providers except you. Try to improve your reading comprehension, I stated that our firefighters that are Certified EMT's and EMT-Paramedics are also professionals, in response to BigJohn's nonsense.


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