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Alabama Union Members in here?

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  • Alabama Union Members in here?

    I know I probably sould have posted this under the hometown forum but there are limited readers from Alabama. Any career guys from Alabama join the Union? If so how has it affected your department good/bad? How did the city and chief react? We have several members in my department who are tired of the lack of accountability, training, leadership and equipment. We are weighing the options of forming a local union.

    Accountability-none what so ever-do whatever you want as long as you can pass a drug test. Shift leaders do absolutely nothing but go home on the shift car. We provide ALS but no one is really in charge. No one critiques PCR's or overlooks training records.

    Training-none. No live fire training, extrication, rope rescue or anything. Chief doesn't want to send people to training but turned in $10k in training funds.

    Leadership-again none. Higher ups show up at shift change and then you don't see them till bedtime. May or may not show up on structure fires.

    Equipment-where to start. Career dept. protects 20,000 citizens out of 2 stations. 2300 calls last year. We still ride commercial cab trucks-you can see daylight between the doors and the floor. Non certified mechanic firefighters working on trucks. Rescue truck is a service truck. No gas detectors, rescue jacks-we provide extrication to the whole county, turnout gear literally falling apart, share masks , share radios. Yet we bought the shift commanders a brand new truck.

    Manpower-no overtime, one station operates with 4 personnel the other 6. Left work one morning only 6 guys working total.

    I know some departments are probably in worse shape than ours but we have had enough. Almost $200K was turned in last year out of our budget. What is your opinion? Not trying to bitch just want to know how you feel and if the Union corrected anything for your department.

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    I'm not from 'Bama, but in the union here in Oh. We would've been screwed royally if Senate Bill 5 had passed up here. We got a LOT of help from the IAFF. You guys would too. I'm on a rural volunteer dept as well (paid on call), and I think that dept. is better equipped than yours, and we only took 178 runs last year. If you have some questions, maybe you should contact the IAFF (on the down low for now of course) and meet with them to get some answers. As for the rank and file, I'd only include the guys that are willing to be all in at this point, you don't want to be showing your hand at this soon. Get all the facts, weigh your options and then when you have all the info you can present it to the rest of the potential members. Win the hearts of the citizens, make sure you are polite and go the extra mile for them. And start documenting EVERYTHING NOW! Take pics, keep logs, etc. Good luck Brother!


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      Thanks for the info. Things are just so backwards in this department. The Chief honestly does not give two ****s about the department, the employees or the citizens. I know the guys with 15 or more years in will probably not go for it but luckily we have many young members that I believe would. Our pay isn't the greatest but during all the discussions it was never brought up. That kind of makes me proud. We are putting the dept before ourselves. We just want to provide the highest level of service to our citizens. Hopefully we can met with a rep. and discuss our problems and go from there.


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