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work uniforms

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  • work uniforms

    A bunch of guys in my dept are trying to persuade the chief to allow us to wear shorts while on duty. He will not budge an inch. Does anyone have any info on NFPA 1975 and what it states about approved uniform shorts, or did anyone have to fight their chief to get shorts?

    thank you

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    from 2009 edition::

    6.2.2 Station/work uniform garments designed for the lower torso shall be permitted to be configured as follows:

    Pants, extending from the waist to the ankles

    Shorts, extending from the waist to a point at or above the knee

    Just got to convince the big man


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      I would suggest you collect a picture of everyone on your department wearing the shorts, and see if you really want to be seen in public dressed like that......And you can bet, when someone, and someone will, dons their turnout coat and helmet with their uniform shorts, it's gonna be over.


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        Originally posted by LFD2203 View Post
        I would suggest you collect a picture of everyone on your department wearing the shorts, and see if you really want to be seen in public dressed like that......And you can bet, when someone, and someone will, dons their turnout coat and helmet with their uniform shorts, it's gonna be over.
        huh? .
        Proud East Coast Traditionalist.


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          We had a chief who was resistant to it, too. In the end it wasn't so much we persuaded him one way or another, we kind of struck a bargain...all in all we're very happy. Our rule is that we can wear shorts year-round as long as:

          1) we don our bunker pants for ALL non-medical EMS runs (read: trauma EMS runs we wear our pants)
          2) Put on BDU pants/bunker pants/coveralls when we do "heavy" maintenance on the rigs (more than just checking fluids, things like tilting the cab, going underneath, etc)
          3) Put on BDU pants when we must wear our Class-B shirts (aka: in school pub ed., guest speaker for training, meetings at the hospital, etc)
          4) Probies must always wear pants (don't ask me why...just another right of passage, I guess)

          It works out well. Its about 50/50 people who do wear them and people who don't. Usually engineers/chauffeurs/drivers won't wear them because they don't want to be bound to wearing pants on every AFA where they just stand by the rig, or every MVA they just pour kitty litter for. And almost without exception people wear pants when assigned to the ambulance for a shift...nobody likes wearing bunkers in 90 degree heat helping granny out of the house.


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