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Large area and personal search line use. Help!

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  • Large area and personal search line use. Help!

    Is anybody willing to share their SOG/SOP on how your department uses Large area search ropes and personal search lines? We are implementing both of these into my department and before deploying them on the rigs and assigning the personal search ropes I want to get a policy in place. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!

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    We too are better organizing and putting to paper our large area search rope guidelines. Based on several members attending different training classes by some more members more experienced in large area searches we're attempting to take some of the best ideas from each and adapt them to our own FD.

    So far, we're using our 225 ft. rope bags with just standard 3/8" nylon rope. The rope has knots at every 20 foot interval. We're leaning away from the rings as we're not convinced of the need. Our thought agrees with what others have said, is that the rope controller (officer) can put his thumb and finger into the tag line biners and physically keep them from slipping up or down the line while also being able to maintain yet another form of contact with the guys on the ends. The controller carries the TIC and monitors conditions and directs given what he can see.

    We're also leaning toward the retractable tag-lines. After watching every have to screw around with 25 ft. of tag-line once it's deployed, it seems the retractable ones make a lot of sense. Of course at $200/ea. we don't want to rush into any unneeded expenses that could be used elsewhere. Any thoughts of comments on dealing with the tag-lines once they're initially deployed?

    Last thing: we found that we could enter or exit on a line once it was deployed, much faster if it was kept taut and up, by using our waist harness biners and keeping our hands free. Even using the tagline biner and just a 12" section of the rope was faster than having to keep one hand on the main line. comments, questions, ideas?


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      Do a Google/YouTube search for the Chicago RASP Bag. If I remember correctly, it's 200' of rope with 1 knot tied at 50', 2 knots at 100', etc. There are a few Chicago guys on the forum here, they might be able to get you their S.O.P. for it. Also, the Illinois Fire Service Institute has a training video on it, I believe you can request a DVD for little-to-no cost. They have taught it at the annual Fire College a couple of times I have gone, and I really liked it, just not a large need for it in our district. I help this hopes point you in the right direction.


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