For the past years I've worked for my department , I've had the privilege of serving my community in the upmost dignity and respect. Although, working under the protection of the IAFF I thought I would not be attacked for volunteering at another department 60 miles away from my career. I was sent a letter, also 2 other of my friends where sent this letter. stating the Union would drop me from the IAFF if I continued to volunteer for a complete separate department. This comes after having a Union meeting and standing up for my home town volunteers. A firefighter, that I will not mention by name, said Volunteers are useless, and are better dead than risking the lives of paid staff. This made me extremely upset. In which I stated I was a volunteer ( Which they had known for years) and that I trust my life with the volunteers I serve with. This started a big argument amongst the 40 of us, they basically said I was taking away jobs from future career firefighters... This makes absolutely know since. The town I volunteer for has a population of 4000... The department can't afford to pay for a fire fighter. I'm a paramedic, so I help all that I can. The people that where on my side, which is most of them. Spoke out, and said they volunteer as well for other departments. How can the IAFF do this? I guess I'm going to have to protest the union.