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    Hey guys I've been searching all over and have come to realize there are a ton of different work schedules out there. Let me give you a little back ground on me. I worked at a dept for 4 years that used the oxoxoxxxx schedule. Now I have been working at a dept that does the 24-48 for the last 2 years.
    We get 9 kelly days that are picked like vacation days. plus 5+ vacation days based on years of service. We get paid the last business day of each month and they calculate our pay based on the month. February sucks because you are always short a day on that paycheck. every once in a while there is a month we work 11 days and that paycheck rocks. We also get 10 hours of OT on every paycheck. We are allowed trades, but we also have an SOP that states we can't work more than 48 hours. We are a fire plus ambulance dept. We are also a 3 platoon style dept. Before I was hired some guys disscussed the 48-96 but I guess it was shot down hard. The guys just didn't want to be on the ambulance for 48 hours. I can't blame them. when i do an ambulance tour it feels so long.

    So after working this 24-48 shift schedule a while I have come to realize that I like the "Cal-swing" shift way better. In our last E-board meeting I brought this up to the guys and they asked me to do some research so we can start a disscussion with the body on the idea of a possible 1 year trial of a different schedule. My questions are this:

    By switching to this schedule is it going to screw anything up with FLSA and our automatic OT and Kelly days? Both are 56 hour work weeks so I assume it should work fine.

    Is there anything that would have to change with our current pay structure to facillitate this schedule change?

    What are some Pro's that I can have prepared that will help Management?
    What are some Negatives that Management might see?

    Are there any sleep / stress related studies I can find on either of these schedules to help my cause.

    Is "California-swing" the correct name for the on off on off on off off off off schedule?

    Basicly I'm hoping the body would embrace this as an idea to start a disscussion. I never disliked the "Cal-swing" schedule when I worked it. But now I'm not a big fan of the 24-48.

    Thanks guys. I look forward to what you have to say.

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