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    Any advice for the lieutenant's assessment center? Strategies for handling problem employees? Presentation tips? Apparently there will be no tactical scenario. Not sure why.

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    we didn't have any tactical situations either. A bit of advice, expect the unexpected. I went in and was given a 3 page article on methamphetamine labs. I was told I had 30 minutes to prepare an oral presentation for the review board as to how my dept would handle a haz-mat incident like a meth lab. Know your SOG's, your MABAS boxes, "unified command" is a big one b/c it shows that you're considering other agencies (PD, EPA, Haz-Mat team, etc, etc). Be confident, look everyone in the eye, don't have annoying mannerisms. After my presentation, they asked me about 7 questions regarding getting along in the firehouse, my management style, why I'd make a good LT, what I've done to prepare for the position, etc. Probably the best advice I could give is BE ENTHUSIASTIC!!! They will feed off your enthusiasm. I must have done something right, b/c I ended up with a 93% on my oral and the next closest was a 77%. I ended up #1. Good luck to you. I'll check back periodically to see if I can give any other advice.


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      With regards to problem employees...

      1. First of all, determine if indeed a real problem exists at all. The situation presented to you may be one of a "perceived" problem that exists between/among subordinates. Gather the facts and judge objectively for yourself what the situation really is.

      2. Remain calm and remain in control of the employee interview at all times. Do not let the employee direct the course of the interview. You must direct it from start to finish.
      Begin the interview with highlighting the employee's strengths. Let him/her know that you appreciate their contributions to the organization. Then using the facts specific to the situation at hand as your foundation, get the "story" from the employee's point of view.

      Now it is up to you to handle the situation, following your dept's policies and procedures, to a positive outcome.

      Keep the situation, if at all possible, at the company officer level. Do not use disciplinary procedures (should any even be necessary) as a punishment, but use it only as a method of changing any unwanted behavior.

      End the session on a positive note with the employee. Be professional, courteous and understanding. You are the "boss", but you don't want to, nor should you be perceived as an ogre, or a tyrant.

      Finally, let the assessors know that documentation of the events of the meeting will be kept for your records.

      Good luck!
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        Thanks for the tips, guys. I will take it to heart.


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          Here is a bunch of free information that will get you pointed in the right direction.

          The question is way to broad to answer in an online forum. I have rated three different promotional exams in the last two months. If you have any specific questions feel free to email me at the address below.

          Good luck and the best advice I can give to you is:
          Answer the questions as if you are ALREADY IN THE ROLE.

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