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    Iam a soon to be paramedic currently a fire fighter emt. All my life I have had ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) I have to try twice as hard to concentrate and stay focused but I have maneged to get a 4 year degree ect. If I tell my chief I have ADD and I want to get on Aderall while iam a medic would I Lose my promotion or get fired. I can work twice as well and more effietient when iam on the drug. I dont know if I should keep this to myself or let my chief know that iam on the drug aderall for my adult add. If you know how I should handle this situation let me know. Thanks

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    If you are going to be taking it I would let someone know and let them make the call based on the information at hand. I wouldn't hide it though as the reprocussions for doing that may be far worse.

    However, as someone who has known he's had ADD since 12, I can tell you that there are ways to deal with it and compensate for the shortcomings w/out the use of medicine. I would try and do that before every thinking about taking any drug for it.
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      There is absolutely no reason to inform your chief of your medicine regiment. I know of several people within the fire service that are paramedics and they take this drug. Yes it is controlled but there is nor eason for them to know as long as you are not abusing it or selling it. The only time I would mention it would be if and when you have to do a urine screen and even then you are telling the screener and not your chief. There are thousands of FFs on all kinds of medication across this country. Do you think for one minute that all of them report to their cheif what they are taking and why. No because it is not relevant. Once you are hired and pass their medical screening, you have no need to inform them of anything, UNLESS it will greatly hinder or affect your job performance or be a liability to your coworkers or patients. Some here will tell you yes to inform the chief. What good is it doing? Absolutely nothing. I would just take your medicine and enjoy life!

      I have personal experience with this drug as my wife is ADD and once she got on it, our lives changed dramatically and for the better.

      The only person I know of who is refusing to take Adderall is another friend of mine, because she is applying to the PD and they will not allow you to be on the drug when you are intially screened for hiring. After that you are golden.

      There should be no repurcussions for not divulging this information. First, how would they find out. Second, its YOUR private medical information and they do not have a need to know as it will not affect your coworkers or you on the job performance. Lets say you do tell them and they decide to dismiss you as a liability, which is of course against the law cause then you could sue under the ADA, but anyways, I think you are just overthinking this whole thing and making a mountain out of a molehill.
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        Bro I also struggle with ADD day in and day out. Just because you passed a 4 yr course does not mean that its better just that that particular subject kept you interested. I find myself not paying attention to classes that I am not interested in even though I really am trying to pay attention.

        I would also try other methods before turning to medication. If the other methods do not work then I would look into medication. Me currently I am not on medication but it is hard.

        Best of luck



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