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    I have a capt. assessment near the end of July. I'm looking for resources to prepare. Used books to sell or loan. Links to other message boards or internet sites on this subject; this one doesn't seem to attract a lot of activity. Donnoe and Associates will conduct the assessment center; anybody familiar with it's approach?
    Thanks, Jim

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    Many of our candidates have been successful with Donnoe and Associates.

    The Formula

    Here's what we know after 30-years of experience. The assessment center is where you go for all the marbles. After being on over 100 oral boards, I have seen candidates with great credentials. Yet, they couldn't present the package. And, if you can't present the package, you will never, never, ever see a badge!

    Here's a few recent testimonies:

    The BC list I was on expired. I wanted to be in position after the next test. Not only was I in position, I was number #1 by 2 ½ points. I’m already acting in the position until formal promotions. Brad

    You helped me get my first badge and wondered what you could do for a first time out captain’s position? Your Promotional Program, coaching and inside secrets for the chief’s interview placed me in #1 position. Everything happened the way you said it would. Everything. Even nailing my badge the first time out. Pat

    I screwed myself on the last test and wasn’t going to let that happen again. You would think that a guy who teaches recertifications and is in front of groups could breeze right through this process. I was really stuck until you pointed out the problem and solutions in the coaching session. You encouraged me that I had what it was going to take to come out on top. I did! Chalk up another number #1 badge. This one was sweet because there was no doubt when you come out 3 points ahead of everyone else. Jim

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    Captain Bob

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