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Looking for some information on "Spanish speaking/writing classes"

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  • Looking for some information on "Spanish speaking/writing classes"

    I'm currently enrolled with Columbia Southern University (CSU), while trying to obtain my Associates Degree in Fire Science. I have roughly a year left to obtian this degree. I have already made the decision to go on to paramedic school following this. I would like to add some other items to my resume to make myself more marketable to obtain the "badge".

    I'm intrested in taking some "Spanish" classes. I was wondering if anyone has any expierence with either the CSU class online or Rosetta Stone class. I know that it's a challenging course/language to learn. However, I'll do whatever it takes to make myself more marketable to get the "badge".

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Stay safe

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    I also wanted to add , that I understand it can take years to master another language. However, I would still seek some input!


    Stay Safe


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      I am bilingual in Spanish. I learned it in school and use it regularly fishing in Mexico. Learning a foreign language is one of the best things I have done in my life. It wasn't easy though. I have heard good things about the Rosetta Stone program, although I do not have any personal experience with it.

      I used my Spanish quit a bit in my younger years of my career working on a busy medic rig in the rough areas of town.....

      Good luck with your quest!
      Paul Lepore
      Division Chief


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        Hola amigo bombero:

        The best way to learn another language is to immerse in it. I moved from an spanish speaking country to America a few years ago, with no english experience... it took me 2 months to learn it to the level necessary to pass the TOEFL test (required to enroll at college). I never took a formal class besides the english learnt in high school and during my first three years of engineering school ( very very basic). But because I love the American culture (and wife) it was easy to get it

        If you love spanish, you'll learn it quick no matter how difficult it sounds. I would recommend you to take a financially accesible class at your local Community College, and get involved with spanish speaking communities. Even if you dont have that last option, take the formal college level spanish classes wherever you can, however I would not recommend taking NON-COLLEGE CREDIT classes. That way when you opt to go for your Bachelors you will already have credits and formal knowledge of another language.

        About mastering the language... again it depends on how immerse you are in it. I would say it took me 2-3 years to get rid of my "britain" accent. Read the newspaper, and watch TV in spanish (with subtitles in spanish too). I did that with english and helped a lot.

        To end... focus on learning the language to become fully bilingual. I know guys that have done it to become "marketable" as you wrote, and at the time it was needed they were not able to come up with straight questions when obtaining a medical history from a hispanic patient.

        Mucha suerte amigo!


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          Thanks, I appreciate it.


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