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  • CSA Kuwait FF openings

    Heres the announcement... or what it should be anyway...

    Firefighter - Kuwait - maybe 40-50k per year is a joke, expect to make a lot less.

    Status: Full Time Employment is questionable, because they are gonna lose the contract in early 2007 it is going to the chopping block for open bidding. Hopefully they will get some competant managers in there to run things.

    Job Location: Military Bases in Kuwait

    Offering a low income potential with long-term employment opportunities if you can put up with all the bull**** they have in store for you

    1-year renewable contract if you can possibly put up with it that long

    Base Wage isnt competitive to KBR or WSI

    $12,775 living allowance which most of the guys spend on HOOKERS AND BOOZE

    Income Tax-Advantaged, if you complete 335 days you wont have to pay stateside taxes.

    About 14 hours of leave a month or about 2 weeks a year.

    Medical/Dental/Life is the cheapest, crappiest insurance and you have to pay ALL MONEY up front even if it costs several thousand dollars.

    Company provided apartment that will reek of cigarettes if you live with a smoker.

    Company-provided transportation is a joke, expect to stay in your apt most of the time as you will never be able to get a vehicle because the battallion chiefs hog the vehicles. You cant even get the keys from the greedy people that hog the keys and hide in there rooms and dont answer the door or there phones when you are searching for a vehicle. PLUS YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE VEHICLES OUT OF YOUR SALARY WHICH COSTS AN ARM AND A LEG.

    Shipment of 100lbs of personal goods in addition
    to luggage. Goodluck on getting your money back for that.


    Access to Food Court (Subway, Hardees, Pizza Inn, Starbucks, 31 Flavors, KFC) BIG ****ING DEAL, LETS ALL EAT FAST FOOD FOR A YEAR AND GET FAT

    Access APO services, cool, i get to stand in line for hours to mail my **** off

    CSA ltd. fire department does not offer opportunities for growth and career advancement. You'll be working with a visibly crummy and snake like management team. The chiefs dont know how to run the dept.

    Help CSA ltd. by joining as a Firefighter so we can SUCKER YOU HERE and then tell you if you want to leave its gonna cost you a few thousand dollars and you will firfeit all your bonuses.

    They hire plenty of incompetant people, and if you were in the Marines it doesnt matter how unqualified you are you will automatically have a job.

    MUST be able to obtain DOD standard for Firefighter position within 1 year BUT WE WONT help you in any way to get certified and WE DONT HAVE THE FACILITIES TO CERTIFY YOU. Prefer military Firefighting
    experience especially marines. KBR or WSI will send you yearly to get FF1/2 Burns, at CSA, they just pencil whip it like they do every other cert. CSA fire department DOES NOT HAVE THE FACILITIES TO CERTIFY YOU FOR ANY HAZMAT CERTS OR FF CERTS.

    A valid U.S. Passport, Driver's License, pass a
    Background Investigation which they never do and ability to obtain
    a Secret Security Clearance which noone needs or gets here.

    Our non competitive salary and benefits package include
    profit sharing which YOU NEVER GET. Relocation assistance meaining we only fly you here and you have to find our own way home if you leave early at your own expense and you have to pay is 3-4k if you want to leave.

    Pre-employment drug screening IS NOT required.
    They have had a few heroin junkies work for them...can anyone say meatloaf???

    Contact Information:
    Why apply?...its a waste of time...get a job with KBR or WSI at www.halliburton.com or www.wackenhut.com
    If you really want to work for CSA ltd. and impress them with your resume email them a picture of a terd stained butt wipe and they will see it and be like WOW, thats the best resume ive ever seen and INSTANTLY HIRE YOU...CSA fire department is the most UNPROFESIONAL FIRE DEPARTMENT IN THE CONTRACTING WORLD...

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    I would first like to say thank you to the US troops for providing protection to all US citizens and to allow for the everyday freedoms that we shall all cherish. Now let me respond to this latest posting. When I joined the military back in 1996, I was to enter the service guaranteed as a firefighter. What an honor to join a profession that has such comradery, pride and tradition and firemen are to stick together through thick and thin. So to my surprise that what I read was a slap in the face to all the hard working people that do make a difference everyday behind the scenes. What I find ironic about this message is the individual is complaining about how unprofessional CSA fire department truly is but they are willing to bash their fellow firefighters and degrade the fire department. That is the ultimate in unprofessionalism! I have been here from the very beginning when we were sharing bunker gear and manning one tanker truck and to see how far we have become is a testament of the endless hours and true dedication from firefighter personnel to make nothing into something. I hope that in your next endeavor you will choose to inspire and teach others. Remember this, it is very easy to take the hate and discontent route but it takes a Professional Firefighter to make the best of every situation regardless of what assets you might have or not have. Everyday I am surrounded by quality men and women that have volunteered to be away from their families to ultimately look after and provide protection for our soldiers that are in harms way.


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      PipHill, is that you Phil? If so, you know who this is, looking forward to chatting on the phone here soon. Its been a while.

      As I read through maDonna's post, I wonder where this individual is getting his/her info from. CSA Fire Department grew from a laptop and a desk, to a 7 station department in the short 2 years that I was there. And yet this clown is going to tell everyone that the chiefs don't know how to run a department? Give me a break. Everything in his post is absurd. For example.... I recieved compensation for shipping 100lbs of goods there and back with no problem. I recieved all of my certs starting with Haz - mat awa. to D/O Pumper while I was there. I did have to work for it though, which I guess maDonna isn't accustomed to doing. $12K in per diem is what some people here in the U.S struggle to make in a year while trying to support a family, so I wouldn't complain too much if I were you. As with any other contract, if you try to leave then YES you will have to pay back any costs that they provided to get you over there. Not anywhere, at anytime, was anything mentioned about a security clearance bieng needed or required. And losing a contract? C'mon. I could go on and on telling how the REAL CSA operates, but I won't.

      MaDonna, sounds like you went there expecting to be spoonfed everything without having to work, and then found out that its actually a job, and that this thing called the "real world" truly exists. You have no idea what the rest of us went through while the department was in its infantile stages. Sharing turnouts, not having ANY equipment or tools...not even to wash the trucks, wearing our own civilian clothes on duty cause uniforms weren't ordered yet, sharing 1 vehicle between 7 people, not even knowing how to call home (again I could go on and on). But we, as mature adults, realize that sometimes we have to go through trials and situations that test our maturity, professionalism, and character. Some of us came out better people. You have it made and you don't even realize it. No major responsibilities, no major expenses, etc. Maybe you need to move back in with your parents and get back on the bottle so you don't have to worry about responsibility. Grow up a little.
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        Well I have to say "WOW!!!!!", this is the stupidest thing I have ever read in my life. Maybe just as stupid as the video I seen 2 minutes ago of 2 teenagers lighting themselves on "FIRE"! WTF!!!!

        Anyways, I have to throw this in, I'm currently here in Illinois going to college for my degree in Fire Science. I have done many programs and understand how the US runs their FD's and I also have family in Europe and I have idea's on how Europe runs their FD's. Now CSA I have no idea, but I do know that the military has the "TOP" training in Firefighting. Air Force alone I know that is a fact because my sister is a Major in the Air Force. But yes people as Civilians are going there to work and they are working under people who may have just US or Europe or even Military expeirance. But our government runs these programs and they treat us as well as they can for the conditions of the country.

        I mean I might not have any idea what it's like since I never even myself been in the CSA program. But it's a proven fact that a homeless person in the US is 100x better than 80% of the world. Why are you even complaining about some living condition that your getting 12K for that isn't like her in the US or Europe... I mean it isn't that bad!!!! I think your a spoiled brat!!!!

        Okay... I feel weird posting to this since I have no clue what I'm talking about but here's where I say my supportive argument:

        I last June started dating a Marine, and 3 months later he was released of his 4 years. Well that same day Aug. 12th he left to Texas for 2 weeks of training and now he is in Afganistan. He is there as a "CIVILIAN". He says it's nice and yes his room is 6 x 6 shed, or cabin I guess and the walls are paper thin...but even him as picky as he is..... likes it and says it's a 1 year expeirance. He actually stopped in Kuwait and thought it was a great place to visit. Now he has his ups and downs... but I have never once heard him say half the crap I read from you Madonna.

        Oh Well!!!! I guess it's just like when a wimpy person joins the military and struggles and gets ripped on every day!!!

        I'm a less than 100lb girl in a mans field and 5'6 so I'm no where as big or anything and I don't complain half as much as most the guys.....

        Well sorry to rip on you Madonna but your the wimpy person struggling in life.
        I'm sad for you!


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          csa = ****ty contractor

          This job announcement looks accurate.

          Expect low wages, low hours and low morale.



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