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    Job Location: Middle East - Iraq, Iraq
    Job Description:

    Go further with your career than you ever imagined with KBR, the global engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Corporation. KBR is one of the world’s largest government services contractors. We have a rich history providing engineering, construction and military support services to a wide range of customers. Our 60,000 employees working in 49 countries around the world have earned an exceptional reputation as delivering on even the most complex assignments. KBR is comprised of two distinct business units: Government and Infrastructure and Energy and Chemicals. Our Government and Infrastructure division has, for more than 60 years, provided a broad range of vital services to military and civilian branches of governments worldwide. The division also is a leader in program and construction management for roads, bridges, airports and other large infrastructure projects. From local cities and towns to remote and challenging locations, KBR Government and Infrastructure goes wherever our clients need us. Our “We Deliver” philosophy means we are looking for talented individuals who are ready to take their career to the next level, providing best-in-class solutions while enjoying the rewards of work that’s a real adventure.
    Job Requirements:

    To be considered for a position as a medic, you must meet one of the following background criteria:
    1. Paramedic – You must possess a minimum of 3-5 years experience as a paramedic. EMT-P certification, ACLS certification, BTLS certification and BLS certification, all of which must be good through period of employment. High volume experience and remote medical experience preferred. Clinical experience is a plus. You must also possess working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook).

    2. Nurse (RN) – A minimum of 3-5 years experience as a registered nurse in critical care, ICU, emergency room or as a flight nurse is required. You must possess current state RN Certification that is good through the period of employment. Good clinical skills are required. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) needed. ACLS, BTLS and BLS a plus. Remote medical environment experience preferred.

    3. Independent Duty Corpsman/Special Forces 18D – A minimum of 5 years military medical experience as a Navy Independent Duty Corpsman or Army Special Forces 18D required. Good emergency/clinical medical skills are a must. A working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) needed. ACLS, BTLS and BLS are a plus. Remote medical environment experience preferred. All candidates must be willing to sign a one year open ended agreement following a minimum of 14 days of processing in Houston. Interested, qualified candidates must apply online at: http://www.KBRjobs.com.

    It should be understood that this position may be located in a hostile area and possibly in a combat or war zone. This could include the possibility of suffering harm at the hands of hostile forces or by friendly fire. It should be further understood that these dangers are inherent to work in a hostile environment.

    KBR is an equal opportunity employer and a drug free workplace.

    How To Apply:

    All applicants must apply online at: www.kbrjobs.com.

    Contact Information
    Contact: KBR Government & Infrastructure
    4100 Clinton Drive
    Houston, TX, United States 77001
    WWW: http://www.kbrjobs.com

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    to bad I put in two resumes and no one has called me back


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      KBR's human resources is one of the worst HR departments I've ever seen in action. You're better off getting someone in-country to hand deliver your resume to a supervisor, who can then work the system to get your application from HR. A lot of people don't have nice things to say about KBR, either, though the pay isn't bad, there are other jobs in-country that are comparable.

      With all that said, last I heard KBR had either frozen hiring (which I personally find hard to believe) or had seriously slowed down, and I was told that new medics wouldn't be hired until the contract situation settled. That info is nearly three months old, and I haven't followed things at all, so hopefully someone can offer you better (and more in-date) info.


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        I have also applied to several KBR jobs and the only time I was called was because I had someone in Kosovo hand deliver my resume. I think you may have to go to their job fairs in Houston to get it otherwise. It is funny to see their system still doesn't work a year later.


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          Well, I am currently in Afghanistan as a medic. I have no complanits, the money is good. I went throuogh the same problems as you as far as hiring. I applied for a long time with no response and there was no way to contact anyone personally in Houston. Here is how I got hired. A buddy of mine froom Houston got hired and once he got in country, he hand dellivered my resume. A few weeks later I was sitting in orientation in Houston. He also gave me a direct number to a recruiter to facilitate the process which helped tremendously.

          Tips of advice: KBR recieves literally thoousands of applications a month. This is a mammoth task sorting through these and probably prescreening a ton of them so I guess slow responses can be expected no matter how bad it stinks.

          ****This is important*****

          If you do not know someone already in, rewrite your resume.
          Medic resumes are fed into a computer for prescreening. If you do not have certain buzzwords, you get backfiled.

          Words like: remote, occupational or occupational health, occupational medicine, clinic; things along the line of occ med.

          Remember, no one cares how great a medic you are or how many tubes, crics, chest tubes, whatever you have done. The job here is mostly occupational medicine. You will treat sniffles, colds and malingerers. Everyone works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we all get tired so you deal with a lot of whiney *** babies. If you have another goal in mind that is great.

          When I leave here I will have lost 30 lbs (already lost 10, the right way), have a nice nest egg, and I will be done with my RN via online courses.

          If you want more information, ask away.

          I also recommend visiting the yahoo groups site called "medics in Iraq and Afghanistan". Let me tell you a secret. The guy who started that group is the big boss for Afghanistan. Start a conversation with him and he will have you over here in no time. We need medics in Afghanistan, not Iraq right now.

          No one wants to come here but I like it.

          In Iraq they have it very easy. Live in containers and have all the comforts of home. In AFghanistan, we all live in tents or Bhuts at some sites. No paved roads at most bases, food is good. Gets a lot colder and snows at some sites in Afghan due to the elevation.


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            Did you still have to do the holding pattern in Houston for ~1 month? That is one of the biggest turn-offs I've heard about KBR's operations in Iraq. Also, how is there operations differing from in Iraq aside from the living conditions? Better/worse pay, better/worse working conditions, etc?


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              As for the holding pattern, they advise you that you could be there for up to 21 days. This is primarily not because of their operations but becuase of their past experiences with applicants. You would not believe how many people show up there unprepared and with none of the necessary doocumentation that they tell you to have together prior to arrival. On annother note, the holding pattern is the same for just about all the outfits. WSI is a subcontractor of KBR, their newhires sit in orientation with KBR people in Houston and they wait like everyone else. If you go with one of the shooter/medic outfits, they too have waiting periods. You have to get visas cleared, passports checked..all that takes time. The only plus side to some of the shooter medic jobs is that they pay you while you are on hold.

              As for me, I was in Houston for 11 days. 7 days of orientation and 3 days of waiting. Flew out on the 11 day so cant count that one. All food and hotel room provided. I had my own private room as well. Some people just cant go up to two weeks without any pay so that is a big deterrent.

              As for living conditons in Afghanistan vs Iraq, its simple. We were in Afghanistan first, however when 9/11 went down all funds were shifted towards Iraq. They built up very nice bases and very nice living conditions for themselves. They have restraunts to choose from and they live in hard structures. Their roads on base are paved. In Afghan, we all live in tents. A few bases have Bhuts which are huts made out of plywood. The risk in Iraq are IEDS, the risk in Afghan is incoming mortars which happens freqeuntly.

              The pay is no different, work conditions are no different. We have A/C and heat, now that winter is here and it will snow soon in some places. Having been in both places, I prefer AFghanistan. Its more rustic and I like the cooler weather.


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                AK -- hit me up with an e-mail [email protected]. I am very interested in getting over there.


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                  are they still looking and what about pay ?


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                    AK drop me an email when you can. [email protected] got a question for you

                    The opinions stated here are my own and not that of any of my employers.


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                      I sent you an email. For the record MedicDVG is now in country. I think it took him all of 4 weeks to apply get processed and get in country.


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                        Yup.. I am in country now at Anaconda.

                        Here is the scoop folks:
                        Get to know someone over here. Have them get your resume to the in country supervisors and they will be able to requisition you to the position by name.

                        Things that you need to know:

                        1) This is NOT EMS! While you may go out and get a patient or two every now and then, you are mostly in a clinic giving shots, assessing sniffles and coughs, and looking at wierd skin infections. The other thing is that KBR is a construction company, so you are doing all the occupational medicine as well. If this isn't your bag, then save yourself (and us) the aggrivation and do not even apply.

                        2) You are in clinic at a minimum of 12 hours a day, seven days a week. You don't get time off. This is damn hard work (here at least) and you can get burned out in a hurry.

                        3) KBR is a very heriarchically structured company who is full of transient employees. Nothing will change as supervisors, managers, foremen, and even line grunts are constantly coming and going. The whole company is in a constant state of flux. This is a HUGE beuracracy, where requests move slowly, and progress was thrown out of the loop many many years ago. If you can not handle beureacrats, don't apply.

                        4) The pay is nice, but once you are accepted into the program you wont see a paycheck for up to 2 months from actually getting in country. Make your arrangements so that you can cover 2 months of expenses back home minus a paycheck.

                        I love this job. This is where I belong. I am learning more here in the last few weeks then I have in the last 5 years as a street medic. If you think you have what it takes, then by all means apply.

                        Lastly, if you are a hot shot, know it all, walk on water, supermedic, Do me and KBR a favor and stay home. You will not last a month here. It is one thing to be confident in your skills, it is quite another thinking that when you come over here you have nothing to learn, or that you are going the change the world, this place will eat you alive.

                        My 2 cents worth.



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                          AK shoot me an email at [email protected] Have a question for you.


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                            Medic job

                            I'm looking for info on a job through KBR. I've seen the posts and dont know anyone who works there, so any advice would be appreciated. I've applied three or four times already. Thanks


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                              sent you an email
                              The opinions stated here are my own and not that of any of my employers.


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