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    Fire Security Operations Senior Assistant/Antigua Air Station/7437/06-6210E-695
    Job Location: Antigua Air Station - Antigua Air Station, United Kingdom
    Job Description:

    This position is assigned to Antigua Air Station and no family accommodations are available.
    Principle Duties & Essential Job Functions: Fire Fighter Duties: Respond with crew and equipment to fires and emergencies, directs/assists crew with rescue, fire suppression and overhaul. Operate and maintain vehicles and equipment. Direct/assists crew with inspections and operator maintenance of fire vehicles and equipment. Security Police Duties: Perform roving patrol duties and maintain law and order within the areas of assigned responsibility. Perform incident/complaint and accident investigations, enforce on base traffic control and maintain traffic records. Perform antihijacking inspections. Assist in airfield/aircraft support.

    Job Requirements:

    Basic Qualifications: Knowledge of alarm communications, fire behavior, self -contained breathing apparatus, forcible entry, ropes, rescue, first aid, fire safety, ladders, fire streams/hoses/nozzles and appliances, overhaul and pump operations. Basic knowledge of fire vehicles and equipment to include inspection, operation, and maintenance. Have or obtain knowledge of applicable security standards/instructions and installations.
    High School education or GED equivalency. Completed military or civilian training that meets the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 and Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, NFPA 1002, Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator; training must be International Fire Service Accreditation (IFSAC) or National Professional Qualifications Board (Pro-Board Certificated. IFSAC or Pro-Board Certification as a Fire Officer I is desired. Basic fire fighting tactics & strategies, rescue procedures, pump evolutions, hose evolutions, basic first aid/CPR. Administrative skills. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Have or attain Security/Police military or civilian training, related experience and education will be considered in lieu of this requirement.

    Remote overseas assignment. Shift work required. Available on call status. Physical ability. No family accommodations are available. Must be able to interface with all levels of personnel in a diverse, multi-cultural, team-oriented environment. Valid U.S. driver's license required. Must obtain and maintain a DoD Secret Security Clearance.

    Contact Information
    Contact: CSR HR 1500
    Computer Sciences Raytheon
    Please apply online at the website listed below
    Patrick AFB, FL, United States
    Email: CSR HR 1500
    WWW: www.computersciencesraytheon.com

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    anyone know how much this contract pays?


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      They won't give out that information until they offer the job, but the rumor was that it was approx $29000/yr. While a lot of places won't comment on salary prior to an offer (though most will at least comment on the low end of the range) I wouldn't be surprised if this was a seriously low-paying gig given that the position is always posted.

      For those who miss it above, this is purely hearsay and rumor and may be completely incorrect. If anyone has BTDT or has closer to first-hand info, I'd love to hear it myself.


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        contract info

        Hello contractors,

        Hey awesome information on Antigua. Never know what could happen in Iraq I could be in the States tomorrow.
        Hope there will be a confirmation on salary for that contract.


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          All, the salary is low end and is taxable as well. This is a retirement home for those wanting to take up fishing and diving. It may be a good resting place for those coming out of Iraq/Afghan and need a little break and get paid...

          Chief G


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            Position On Antigua

            This opening pays $29,000 plus full benefits.
            Room & Board provided (single individual only. no family coverage available). No income tax after required period. Minimum commitment is 1 year.

            Apply online and for company information, go to; www.computersciencesraytheon.com

            Phil Macken
            CSR Corp
            Patrick AFB
            melbourne, FL.


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              Is there any Over Time involved, or are the wages Salaried? Thats hardly anything for an annual salary. PLUS your also working security? Its a two part job description and really doesnt sound logical to work there. Is there a bonus offered to the employees after contract complete?
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                bad job

                no csr will screw any one they can
                they will work you to death and complain if you want time off.
                ascension island is even worse
                if you are a drunk you will love working there with an open bad and liquer store


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                Upper 300x250