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Contract Fire Protection Information

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  • Contract Fire Protection Information

    After reading tons of thread about contract fire protection and all the questions as to what is going on where, who has what contract and the like I am starting this thread to help provide information in the contract world.

    This thread will mainly focus on fire protection contracts in the overseas areas. This is to include non-DOD contracts as well, and yes there are several out there.

    I and hopefully others can provide answers on your questions regarding training/certification requirements, how contracts typically work and expectations from employers.

    Additionally, I have a network of resources to provide company names and addresses that recruit for contract fire fighters. In no way am I saying you are employed. I just want you all to have the same access to information as I do and have it help expand your career decision in the contract world.

    Chief Gale

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    Sounds Great

    Great idea. I am wanting to stay in this for a while. (Leave shortly for WSI in Iraq.) Any info you have would be a tremendous help. (Hence the new thread, obviously. )


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      Some Info


      What kind of info are you looking for? There is a broad range of things regarding contract fire protection.

      Currently, there are three prime contract within the middle east. KBR, WSI and CSA. WSI and KBR are paying the premium dollars. CSA is at the low end of the spectrum, but the living conditions are much better.

      Vinnell currently runs the contract in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and is gearing up to expand its mission in January in Saudi Arabia.

      Dyncorp is currently running the contract in Manta, Ecuador. The pay is lower, but the worksite is a great place to be if you want to knock off for a year.

      Chugach is running the contract in the Marshall Islands. It is another lower paying contract, but you do get to live the island life.

      Raytheon has the contract in Antartica and Ascension Islands. These are low paying contracts as well.

      PAE is running the contract in Moron, Spain and Diego Garcia. The sub contractor for Diego is CH2MHILL.

      Currently, there are several major contracts LOGCAP IV and AFCAP III that are being developed. Both of these contracts are worldwide. It is intended that 3 major prime vendors will be awarded the contract and split services all around. Most likely, fire protection will be given to a sub-contractor to manage.

      One of the biggest concerns is the use of local nationals at most contracts. This is a cost saving measure to the government. What may end up happening are the only positions available will be senior officer positions. This being the case, it will be wise to obtain your 3 Level certs to be considered for these positions.

      Currently there is a possibility that NATO or ISAF will take over the peace-keeping mission in Afghanistan within the next year or so. With that said, there will still be a need for fire protection support. How that will be contacted out is yet to be revealed.


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        Airport Fire Vacancies in Saudi


        Here is current listing of fire protection vacancies at several major Saudi Airports. The company that is recruiting is DynArabia. Copy the whole line and paste to see the vacancy list.

        Company Info: This company had major problems about 10 years ago. To include not paying employees on time. To date, this has changed. They were recently awarded a new extension on their contract to maintain fire protection at Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam airports. Additionally, they handle some hospitals in country.

        Living conditions: Typically for non A/C positions, you will live in a communal housing area. A/C and above get private villas or apartments. Most positions are typically family status.

        Considerations: Negotiate your contract. They will try to low-ball you. They will try to start out at 5000SR which is equal to $1200 a month. Totally insane. Average pay you should request is a minimum of 4K. Keep in mind that the overtime is paid for excess hours. I did a 30 day stretch due to a lack of manpower. The check was nice.

        Airport configuration: All 3 airports are rated as a Cat. 9. You will be working with local nationals and third country nationals as well. The TCN will come from all over the place, so there are some learning curves to overcome.

        All in all: If you are looking for a break from things and feel like telling everyone that you have been to Saudi, this is a good opportunity.

        Chief Gale


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          FF Jobs in Saudi

          All, Vinnell is currently seeking fire fighters for their military contract in Saudi.

          Here is the website link to the advertisement:

 Click on careers, then select Vinnell Arabia, then select fire fighters.

          I cannot say anything about the contract except that it has been a long lasting one. I can say though, working for Vinnell is a good experience. They treat their employees really well. This is only based on an earlier contract in Turkey.

          I did know several people that worked there and they did enjoy the time.

          I am not certain as to what the pay levels are, but I do know that it is comparable for overseas contract work.

          Chief Gale


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            Thank you for the info, it's been helpfull we'll see what future brings!!!


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              Additional Job Sites


              Here are some additional websites for you to look at:

              Boeing: Typically you will find the jobs listed as Security

              CSA Kuwait: These guys are hard to get a hold of. I will provide a contact name next week when I return to work


              Djibouti: This is under the KBR contract, you should fill out the on-line application


              Kwajalein Atoll: This is a good contract. It is the island life. There are 3 stations on 3 seperate islands. Fishing and glof galore.


              Manta, Ecuador: This is the email address for the fire chief. Currently they are shifting the lower positions to local nationals. Crew chief and above are retained by US hires.


              Indian Ocean: Diego Garcia. This contract is currently being ran by PAE and CH2MHILL, the following is the website for PAE careers


              Incirlik Air Base, Turkey: This is a really great contract. The positions are only for AC and above. All other positions are held by local nationals. You will live on the economy, which is not that expensive.


              hope this helps

              Chief Gale


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                The info you provided was sufficient. I may want to stay in the contract world after my time with WSI. I take it all certs must be DOD? Hope to take care of that in the next year.


                Bobby G


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                  anyone who is interested in a job with csa in kuwait the chief's name is stephen mcdonnell and you can find his email address at i have the pay info if anyone needs it. almost forgot bobby your correct if you wanted to stay on as a contract firefighter you have to have all dod certs.
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                    AFCAP III Award Update


                    AFCAP III has been awarded 08 Nov. 2005. The prime contractors are as follows:

                    Bechtel, RMS, DynCorp Int., CH2M Hill and URS. These companies have not advertised the award as of yet.

                    Most likely, and this is purely speculation on my part, will be that RMS will handle the fire protection portion of the contract. This being they perform airfield services.

                    I will let you all know more when I find out.

                    Chief Gale


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                        Contract Updates

                        Here is where things stand right now..

                        AFCAP III - awarded out to the companies I mentioned before in the post. I will assume that they will not start getting things into place until after the year. You will probably see a surge in the European area for things to come around.

                        Moron Spain is up for bid right now. The current contractor is PAE. From my understanding that they will most likely lose the contract as they have had previous problems. A company named Del-Jen may be awarded the contract.

                        Eastern Range contract - This is the really low paying one. It covers the Ascension Islands. It may be nice if you are in serious retirement mode. Raytheon Technical services has the current contract, but it is up for bid right now.

                        SouthComm ACC. This is the Manta/Curacao contract. Right now Dyncorp has it. I do expect for them to keep this one as there are major issues there. The biggest being the underbid the contract in the initial round. They have just completed site visits for the bidders. I am assuming it will not be until April when this one is awarded. ITT Systems may be the favority due to their communication capability.

                        LOGCAP IV is still out there. This is the mother of all contracts. The biggest impact will be on the Army side as a lot of their fire protection will go to contract, so that means Asia and Germany. But sit around and look for consolidation and relocations to other countries. From my understanding most will be in Bulgaria and Romania. Both really nice countries.

                        I will keep you all posted.

                        Chief Gale


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                          AFCAP III Update


                          Here is an excerpt of the AFCAP III Contract. It is most likely now that fire protection contracts will be managed by CH2M Hill Global Services.

                          DENVER, Nov. 15 -- CH2M HILL Global Services, LLC, a partnership between CH2M HILL and KBR, today announced they were selected through a competitive bidding process, an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract by the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) Contingency Support Directorate. The total contract has a maximum value of $10 billion over 10 years.

                          Under the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP) III contract, CH2M HILL Global Services LLC will provide services including engineering and construction of temporary facilities, procurement, logistics, as well as a full range of operations and maintenance services. Under AFCAP, the CH2M HILL-KBR partnership, as well as five other contractors will compete for task orders on an individual basis.

                          AFCAP was created to provide military commanders with a worldwide "force multiplier" option to augment or relieve base operating support functions in military operations other than war or small scale contingencies. The contract is structured to provide extensive worldwide logistical support capabilities in minimal time. Capabilities focus on temporary contingency skills and resources to sustain military forces participating in worldwide deployments or to recover from a natural disaster, accident or terrorist attack.

                          "We look forward to supporting the US Air Force and are proud to have been selected as a member of the AFCAP team," said Bruce Stanski, senior vice president, KBR Government and Infrastructure. "KBR has a history of successful partnerships with CH2M HILL and this contract award shows the Air Force's confidence in our team's ability to perform."

                          "The CH2M HILL-KBR collaboration will create a strong team that provides our customer with exceptional program and project management capabilities, as well as an unparalleled ability to mobilize people and materials anywhere in the world to meet and exceed the Air Force's requirements," said David Rosenblum, president of CH2M HILL Services.

                          Headquartered in Denver, employee-owned CH2M HILL is a global firm providing engineering, construction, operations, and related technical services to federal and commercial clients. With more than $3 billion in
                          revenue, CH2M HILL is an industry leading program management, construction management, and design firm, as ranked by Engineering-News Record (2005). The firm's work is concentrated in the areas of transportation, water, energy, environment, communications, construction, and facilities operation and maintenance. CH2M HILL has more than 15,000 employees in 450 offices worldwide.

                          KBR is a global engineering, construction, technology and services company. Whether designing an LNG facility, serving as a defense industry contractor, or providing small capital construction, KBR delivers world-class service and performance. KBR employs more than 60,000 people in 43 countries around the world.


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