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    Hey everyone,
    I'm currently a firefighter for Auburn, Alabama and have been here about 2 years. Before that I went through training with Austin Fire Dept in Texas (private academy, overseen by AFD) which went on for another 2 years. I now have FF I & II, Haz-Mat A/O, EMT-B, ARFF, and State of Alabama RIT (it's not IFSAC or ProBoard). I've been looking for contract jobs for a while, and have recently got around to start applying. Most through PAE and one recent one through KBR. I'm also working on getting to a telecommunicator class for some of the Trailboss contracts.

    Anyway I know this can be a pretty competitive position and though I know one of the major influences on applications is experience, I was wondering what else I can do to make my application/resume appeal more to the hiring manager. Also, when I went to my ARFF class I met a guy that had been working in Taji, Iraq for a few years and said that most of the recruiters over there don't even hardly look online as they usually can just go to guys who have been doing it for a while or people they know.

    Any and all info would be appreciated; I've wanted to do this for a while and am trying to do everything I can to get the opportunity.


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    If you read through the thread posts, there is aot of info,

    Seems like the work load is on the decline

    If you want to work in texas check this weekly::


    and one of interest now:::


    Your problem is you are going against air force firefighters that have been in the trucks. A little hard to get airport experience with out being hired.


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        Almost all DOD contracts out there require that you have have the minimum certifications listed since they almost all include an ARRF mission.... FF1, FF2, Hazmat ops & Awareness, D/O, ARFF, ARFF D/O, Mobile Water. These are the basic certs for an ARFF mission anywhere.
        If you want to be an officer you need your 1's, officer, instructor, inspector, these are your crew chief certs, your 2's if there is a capt position. 3's for asst chief position. Experience really only matters in the officer positions, I have seen newbies fill the FF slots many times, regardless of their background and experience. The best way to get a job is a recommendation from someone who is already working their. Networking is and has always been the key to finding fire jobs in the expat community. You make friends for life in this business. And in time you find yourself in different parts of the world running into the same guys over and over. Answering a recruitment add gives you an average chance at a job, hoping your email gets seen just when a position is available. Having a friend recommend you to the chief gets you to the top of the list if he is willing to see that you have something to offer greater then taking someone from the normal recruitment process. Sometimes it only takes a good word from a FF that is looked on as a good guy, and willing to stand up for you. All fire chiefs want the best guys they can get, but do not know most applicants, so the networking will give you an advantage. Put something in that appeals to everyone, not just real time experience,..... body weight and fat %, 20/20 vision, these may seem petty to most, but the physical eliminates a lot of people the recruiter will be happy to see that you are in better then average health and not have to worry about you passing or not, and the chief will be happy to see a fit firefighter show up not one that looks like he will have a heart attack getting out of bed. Rescue cets although not required also put you above the rest, CPR teachers also put you to the top of the pack. If you want to make the Expat fire fighting a career or At least be able to survive in this world you need to step up and offer something more then the basic certs.

        Don't expect the big money in this job unless your in a war zone, and even there the money gets smaller as the war is not active on our side.
        Most the contracts are average pay out side the war zone, but some offer tax free money, housing and food , and the experience of living abroad and travel. There Re many who prefer this to normal FF jobs in the US, but this life isn't for everyone.

        There are. Fee other contracts world wide that are not DOD, these can be found all over the Middle East, and in some other regions as well, many are oil field related, and you need to have experience in working with oil fields to get them. many airports use contract fire fighters, and some large companies do as well all over the world. Takes some work to find these jobs, but most will only be looking for real experienced people in the officer positions. Many of the world wide FF positions for contractors have shifted to FN people, India, Philipinoe, South African, and other countries that can get international certs, and accept much lower pay then those form US. Expats Re used as officers, so to get these jobs you need to have experience already as an officer.

        Hope this helps you a bit in your preparation towRds getting a contract ff position... Excuse the typos iPhone and fat thumb and not using the auto correct feature is a bummer sometimes
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