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Overseas contact without paid or volunteer experience?

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  • Overseas contact without paid or volunteer experience?

    Is there any possible way to score an overseas contract gig without any experience? All my TCFP certs are current as are my IFSAC seals but getting a job has proven impossible here in Texas. Also, I do not have my ARFF either but I can't afford to shell out $1400 on that with no guarantee of it getting me any further. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Oversea's Contract

    You need to have experience in order to be hired with a private fire company; especially overseas. If you are having trouble getting a paid job I would recommend volunteering in your community or adjoining jurisdiction. Without the experience you won't get any where. As far as ARFF goes, it is well worth taking the class. You can get the basic ARFF class for $800.

    Overseas is the wrong place to cut your teeth in the fire service. After all I doubt you decided to become a firefighter for the money.

    If you want to increase your chances of being hired on, go to paramedic school.

    I hope this helps


    • #3
      So what emt level are you at??

      Tx constantly has openings;;;,


      If you can't make it in tx you can't make it anywhere

      The service offers overseas jobs ;;; no experience required
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        Emt-b. And volunteer work for me is impossible because of where I work. Automotive repair isn't very volunteer friendly especially when I'm working 7 days a week as it is.

        And if you're saying if I can't make it in Texas I can't make it anywhere, then it looks like I'm ****ed


        • #5
          Has anyone heard anything on pae? There's a job in Djibouti Kind of a crap location but the requirements don't look bad


          • #6
            So have you been applying to departments in Texas

            If you have all the certs needed there are about five depts advertising now


            • #7
              Yes. I've applied and tested with McKinney, watauga, haltom city, Greenville, and Richardson. Fort worth has just opened up but they'll have 6k applicants because entry level pay is just under $4k a month. Was able to score a peers interview with Richardson but was told afterwards that I needed to
              Voluntary withdraw or else not be eligible to retest for 2 yrs. I ranked 8th out of 750 on the civil service and 3rd out of 75 on the PAT. They were hiring 10 which brings me to my next question: was being told that a psych evaluation because I was looking really good for hire?


              • #8
                And why did they ask you to voluntary withdraw??

                How about Arlington

                You need to apply no matter if there are 2000'applying
                You never know


                • #9
                  Already doin my app for fort worth. And Richardson said there's no way to get hired and that's it. No explanation. Some firefighter buddies of mine said probably it was mind games which in hindsight, I shoulda ballsed up and continued. What do you think?


                  • #10
                    No they do not play mind games

                    Sounds like something there

                    May see one in a few weeks will ask

                    Have you thought about getting paramedic?????


                    • #11
                      Yea I have but right now we're single income till the misses finishes college so I've been working 2 jobs with my own side business. It's tough just being able to test. I'd like to know why Richardson didn't like me. I was nervous but I answered all their question in a manner I thought was adequate


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