Be very careful of taking jobs with A Saudi Owned Firefighting Contract.
1. Final Contract Language is in Arabic so the translation to English is ONLY as good as the translator.
2. Most contractors use the phrase Saudi Labor Law (SLL) this is a huge document and if they can take advantage of it they will. If the SLL is in your favor you WILL HAVE TO PROVE IT!!!
3. If they wish to Make you sign a "New Contract" if they transfer you to a new location they will only IF it benefits them.
4. You will surrender you US Passport and cannot get it back until they are ready to give it to you.
5. Some will set up direct deposit for you many give you a 4 inch stack of local money and until you get you EGAMA (green card work permit) you CAN NOT open a bank account so you may or may not be able to send $ home
These are just a few things for you to think about
Avoid the following companies