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Wife of potential overseas firefighter has QUESTIONS

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  • Wife of potential overseas firefighter has QUESTIONS

    I have been searching and searching the forums, and either I just don't know what to look for or I just cannot find the answers to some of my biggest questions. My husband is being offered a FF position from Dyncorp and is going thru the process currently.

    1) What are the conditions like in Afghanistan? I haven't heard anyone on here talk about things they've witnessed or experiences they've had. Most men seem to be asking more about credentials or pay rates and the time it takes to get the ball rolling.

    2) Do they typically offer family insurance coverage?

    3) He was told the position was "Structural Only"....have any idea what that may mean?

    4) Is he on a military base? Safe (or sort of safe) from harm?

    Thanks so much for any info you can provide about your personal experiences. As a concerned wife, I am trying to get a level head about this pressing decision.


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    First and foremost, your husband should be the one posting these quesitons. They will do him a lot more good than they will you (just my 2 cents)

    1. It's a war zone. He needs to understand that right away. Many of the issues with non prior military guys going over there is they can't wrap their head around that fact. The first time they get incoming they run home. As to the conditions at hand? It's a mixed bag. Some bases will be built up, some will be start ups. Depends on where he gets assigned. As long as he goes in realizing that he is indeed in a place where people may shoot at him he will be in the right mind set.

    2. Yes, his recruiter/head hunters should have told him this. This information is also included in the hiring package if i'm not mistaken.

    3. No flight line.

    4. See number 1

    It's much easier addressing and answering these questions to the actual candidate. I've never understood why people's wives get on here and ask this stuff. Seems emasculating to me.


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      Thanks for your fast reply. My husband is going the more personal route and making live contact with guys over there...ie: friends of friends and such. He is just not into searching the internet for advice and answers like I am. I want answers now but he doesn't mind waiting to hear from a live person. I totally understand why it seems odd that I would post rather than him. The main reason is because I want to address MY OWN concerns. Things that he is at ease with, but I am not. I am not trying to be a push-over of a wife, just trying to get my own head on straight with a little help from you all who have been through this. Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to share your experiences.
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        I agree that it is unusual for a spouse to ask these questions on here but most firefighters are laid back and just go with the flow. I am currently in process for Dyncorp and should be leaving soon to go over the big pond.

        They do offer family coverage medical at a reasonable price but I will mention that it does terminate on the last day of his contract. So keep that in mind if you already have insurance.

        We are on bases and are as safe as can be for a war zone. There is no guarantee that nothing will happen but the odds are low from past experience.

        Its not a bad choice but it is one that you and he must agree on if he is to come over and not worry about you not being there when he returns.


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