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Posts must be on-topic, non-disruptive and relevant to the firefighting community. Post only in a mature and responsible way that contributes to the discussion at hand. Posting relevant information, helpful suggestions and/or constructive criticism is a great way to contribute to the community.

Post in the correct forum and have clear titles for your threads.

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There are moderators and admins who handle these forums with care, do not resort to self-help, instead please utilize the reporting option. Be mature and responsible for yourself and your posts. If you are offended by another member utilize the reporting option. All reported posts will be addressed and dealt with as deemed appropriate by staff. Moderation Process:
Effective immediately, the following moderation process will take effect. User(s) whose posts are determined by staff to be in violation of any of the rules above will EARN the following reprimand(s) in the moderation process:
1. An initial warning will be issued.
2. A Final Warning will be issued if a user is found to be in violation a second time.
3. A 3-day suspension will be issued if the user continues to break the forum rules.
4. A 45-day suspension will be issued if the user is found to be a habitual rule breaker.
5. Habitual rule breakers that have exhausted all of the above will receive a permanent life-time ban that will be strictly enforced. Reinstatement will not be allowed – there is no appeal process.

Subsequent accounts created in an effort to side-step the rules and moderation process are subject to automatic removal without notice. reserves the right to expedite the reprimand process for any users as it is deemed necessary. Any user in the moderation process may be required to review and agree to by email the terms and conditions listed above before their account is re-instated (except for those that are banned). reserves the right to edit and/or remove any post or member, at any time, for any reason without notice. also reserves the right to warn, suspend, and/or ban, any member, at any time, for any reason. values the active participation we have in our forums. Please ensure your posts are tasteful and tactful. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
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Forums Topics Posts Last Post
Meet and Greet
Issues regarding new site layout, questions, concerns or functionality issues.
Topics: 18 Posts: 90
18 90
Sign in and Introduce Yourself!
Topics: 5,332 Posts: 23,360
Last Post: Hello from Utah
5,332 23,360
Hello from Utah
General firefighting discussion
Topics: 25,766 Posts: 426,204
Last Post: Happy Trump Day!
25,766 426,204
Happy Trump Day!
by tree68
The 9-11 Tragedy (203/882)
Forums for your specific state and our International friends
Topics: 7,372 Posts: 46,681
7,372 46,681
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is Hiring
by ff213_
Canada (241/1,574)
International (110/337)
U.S. States (7,021/44,770)
The support auxiliary behind the front lines
Topics: 73 Posts: 394
73 394
Donations and Grant Writing
Careers & Training
Discuss advancing your career, promotions
Topics: 578 Posts: 3,476
578 3,476
General discussion about jobs & the hiring process
Topics: 7,189 Posts: 175,263
Last Post: FDNY Exam 2000
7,189 175,263
FDNY Exam 2000
Discuss C-PAT, oral boards and preparation
Topics: 901 Posts: 5,471
901 5,471
Dicusssion for explorers & juniors
Topics: 2,660 Posts: 36,037
2,660 36,037
Discussion of topics on firefighting overseas.
Topics: 556 Posts: 11,818
556 11,818
Overseas Contract Work
Probies, Recruits, Newbies, ask the vets the basics here
Topics: 1,267 Posts: 10,984
1,267 10,984
Plaque Oklahoma City
Issues and discussion impacting paid personnel
Topics: 1,321 Posts: 15,078
Last Post: Commuting
1,321 15,078
by johnsb
Issues and discussion for volunteer responders
Topics: 3,014 Posts: 44,799
3,014 44,799
Emergency Response Staffing
Ideas, innovative approaches and the future
Topics: 202 Posts: 1,206
202 1,206
Firehouse Events
Discuss the Firehouse World show in San Diego, CA
Topics: 34 Posts: 54
34 54
Fire House World 2013
Discuss the Firehouse Expo show in Baltimore, MD
Topics: 47 Posts: 106
Last Post: Fhe 2016
47 106
Fhe 2016
by BigRig
Firehouse Direct
A daily summary of incidents worldwide
Topics: 1,636 Posts: 1,725
Last Post: Oroville Dam
1,636 1,725
Oroville Dam
by LVFD301
Comments, Complaints and Suggestions
Topics: 647 Posts: 2,730
647 2,730
Fire House Zone Mail
by webteam
Post & View Incidents from YOUR town
Topics: 4,833 Posts: 6,112
4,833 6,112
gas line rupture - Kern County
Problems, Praise, Suggestions? Post 'em
Topics: 7 Posts: 31
7 31
Quizz of month answer?
Discuss all topics related to the response, relief efforts, responder impact
Topics: 206 Posts: 2,857
206 2,857
TC Yasi in North Queensland
Strategy & Tactics
Issues facing those who protect high-hazards industrial facilities.
Topics: 65 Posts: 300
65 300
Techniques and ideas from the front lines
Topics: 1,921 Posts: 33,666
1,921 33,666
Fire Prevention & Investigation
Discuss topics related to investigation.
Topics: 756 Posts: 2,984
756 2,984
Discuss fire safety programs and ideas
Topics: 548 Posts: 2,565
548 2,565
Health and Wellness
Discuss how you stay healthy and keep in shape.
Topics: 409 Posts: 2,059
409 2,059
Discuss challenges, problems and tactics
Topics: 1,850 Posts: 10,407
1,850 10,407
Politics & Law
Issues impacting government & military responders
Topics: 826 Posts: 6,442
826 6,442
Funding & Grants
Discuss the Assistance to Firefighters program and other funding issues
Topics: 6,091 Posts: 75,799
Last Post: 2016 Here We Go!
6,091 75,799
2016 Here We Go!
by BC79er
Tell others about ideas and community programs
Topics: 98 Posts: 273
98 273
The Off Duty Forums
The place for humourous posts, off-duty issues & discussion
Topics: 8,563 Posts: 172,119
Last Post: Karma?
8,563 172,119
by Rayr49
Discuss experiences, share stories and ideas
Topics: 869 Posts: 3,196
869 3,196
Fire replicas 1:50 scale
From Rescue Me to Regis, talk about the big & small screen
Topics: 320 Posts: 4,278
320 4,278
Talk about your favorite team, fantasy league & more
Topics: 224 Posts: 2,107
224 2,107
Talk about non-emergency services news, headlines and topics
Topics: 278 Posts: 3,053
278 3,053
Firefighter Safety
2in/2out & related discussion
Topics: 272 Posts: 2,101
272 2,101
Discuss ideas, equipment, training & more
Topics: 169 Posts: 925
Last Post: Knee pads
169 925
Knee pads
by tbzep
Highway/Roadway responder safety
Topics: 34 Posts: 550
34 550
Traffic vests or not?
by TLFD40
In The Line of Duty
LODD issues, Post/View Condolences
Topics: 1,468 Posts: 7,567
1,468 7,567
Requests & messages of support (Non-LODDs)
Topics: 340 Posts: 560
340 560
Leadership & Command
How to handle the media & use it to your advantage
Topics: 77 Posts: 341
77 341
The Forum for Command Officers
Topics: 408 Posts: 2,481
408 2,481
Fire District Funding
The "Behind the Scenes" Issues
Topics: 329 Posts: 1,134
329 1,134
Innovations, problems, ideas & experiences
Topics: 698 Posts: 2,555
698 2,555
Training at the airport
Chaplain Corps, CISD Issues & Discussion
Topics: 162 Posts: 623
162 623
george k
Fire Chaplain Training
Technology & Communications
Announce NEW sites here. No commercial sites.
Topics: 797 Posts: 1,310
797 1,310
General Dispatcher/911-311 issues forum
Topics: 423 Posts: 2,515
423 2,515
Using computers & the 'Net for fire/rescue/ems
Topics: 300 Posts: 1,168
300 1,168
How are you using new technology in the ES?
Topics: 205 Posts: 1,292
205 1,292
Discuss saves, use and fund-raising for TICs
Topics: 308 Posts: 1,881
308 1,881
Your thoughts on FLIR K40 or K50
by Skojo
Rescue & Special Ops
Discussion of topics on airport fire service
Topics: 41 Posts: 242
41 242
General HazMat discussion
Topics: 643 Posts: 2,524
643 2,524
The top extrication forum, moderated by Ron Moore
Topics: 2,585 Posts: 20,585
Last Post: Tools on the Cheap
2,585 20,585
Tools on the Cheap
by tbzep
Technical Rescues Discussion moderated by Firehouse Technical Rescue Editor Bob Duemmel
Topics: 1,028 Posts: 6,633
1,028 6,633
General Water Rescue Discussion
Topics: 323 Posts: 1,315
323 1,315
Aquatic sar training **free!**
by BigRig
Is your Department or Agency prepared?
Topics: 236 Posts: 550
236 550
Emergency Vehicles & Operation
New technology & apparatus purchasing
Topics: 3,776 Posts: 61,710
3,776 61,710
FDNY Apparatus Contract
Discussion for drivers, engineers, & technicians
Topics: 1,276 Posts: 13,888
Last Post: CAFS/Nozzles/Water
1,276 13,888
From safe driving to tactical evolutions
Topics: 360 Posts: 3,826
360 3,826



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